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Staying safe in face of unknown cyber threats - Jason Kalwa, Salus Cyber

By Jason Kalwa, managing director of Salus Cyber 

Protecting what you value most is important to all of us - whether that be family, possessions or business.

For businesses, the most vulnerable area for the important information is online.

Which is why you need a cyber security partner you can trust.

From initial dialogue to completed project reporting, remediation and correction, Salus Cyber goes the extra mile to strengthen your security position.

Over the last couple of months, we have looked at how Salus Cyber can protect your business using three lines of defence.

In the opening part of this series, we looked at the initial defensive tactics we use to protect security systems.

First Line of Defence - Known Knowns 

We then examined how to improve your readiness to tackle the next wave of threats.

Second Line of Defence - Known Unknowns 

But even with all those investigations of your systems carried out and measures in place, there remains further threats which are evolving all the time - the Unknown Unknowns.

To conclude we will now review the final stage of how Salus Cyber can help secure your company's systems.

Third Line of Defence - Unknown Unknowns

Securing your business against threats we know about is one thing, but how do you mitigate against those cyber risks which remain off the radar?

Salus Cyber carries out real-life testing to ensure your defence is resilient from every angle, providing clear guidance on how to improve.

We ensure your internal control framework is strong enough to deal with any unexpected cyber risks by putting the second line of defence - known unknowns - under pressure.

Our third line of defence services stem from working with you as external auditors or as an extension of your information security team so we can evaluate the overall process of cyber risk governance for your entire organisation.

Red Team

Threat actors find the weakest spot to exploit - be it systems, people or locations.

Our team has extensive experience earned in the defence sector so our specialists understand the evolving tactics used by attackers to achieve their objective.

We attack as they would, using their tools, tactics and procedures.

Using your own threat intelligence or by consulting with our networks, real-world testing experience will provide an accurate representation of your resilience to attacks.

We also work with you to recognise insider threats, social engineering opportunities, advanced ransomware and innovative attacks which are mapped to the Cyber Kill Chain to ensure you can identify which stages are not being prevented.

We offer the often-overlooked physical security tests to identify how systems can be overturned by attackers, including building access controls.

Ransomware attacks

Controls, attack vectors and mitigation reduce the likelihood or diminish the impact of becoming a ransomware victim.

Salus Cyber focuses on prevention by understanding the context of your business strategy and systems, building in verification procedures ahead of recommending detection markers and response actions.

No damage will be done to your system by tests, no matter how malicious they may appear.

Used as part of ongoing developments, security improvements or IT exercises, the bespoke design allows you to choose your features - based on threat intelligence, key risks and our experience.

The test can be used as part of ongoing developments, security improvement projects or as part of international IT exercises.


Salus Cyber was built to bridge the technical operations gaps in large corporations using cyber security embedded practitioners.

A trusted partner to numerous FTSE 250 companies, we help to manage and implement cyber security transformation projects.

Our senior consultants combine technical brains with commercial common sense, providing a trusty sidekick.

Consultants can sit within your organisation and offer ad-hoc consultancy on cyber-related issues or ensure any applications you create are as secure as possible.

We have an exceptional reputation for remediation and assistance when following up penetration testing or vulnerability assessments.

To discuss how Salus Cyber can make your company more secure, email, call 01242 374087 or visit

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