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This business could save your life

In a world where health and safety appears to have gone mad, adopting the common sense approach seems to be the best way forward, as Clare Seed of Tidal Training Direct explains.

A project in Glasgow is aiming to make CPR training mandatory in schools, and in Holland lifesaving Defibrillators (AEDs) are publicly signposted. These initiatives are logical and practical, but keep the health and safety red tape at bay by ensuring the safety of members of the public.

Tidal Training Direct aims to apply these principles to the business world. Ask yourself, who in your workplace would be able to save you if you needed anything more than a plaster or paracetamol?

These are all points highlighted by Ms Seed, who explains that "just one in 20 people know how to perform CPR. It could make a huge difference to someone's life." CPR being Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation - administering chest compressions and rescue breaths in the event of a cardiac arrest. "First aid is not just a corporate responsibility, it is everyone's responsibility," said Ms Seed, whose business grew organically out of another Tidal Training business, run by Colin Frensham.

Mr Frensham, a former combat medical technician in the Royal Army Medical Corps, was continually being asked whether he also did fully accredited emergency first aid courses - and the pair saw a business opportunity, with Ms Seed taking up the reins.

Just a little over a year later, her company can now lay claim to being Cheltenham's highest rated Emergency First Aid at Work training provider. An open course for up to 12 learners runs on a monthly basis, accommodating Gloucestershire businesses able to send just one or two staff members at a time, as well as catering for some big-name clients (one with several thousand staff).

"We support companies up and down the country at their premises and we have an amazing team of paramedics to train people," Ms Seed said.

Tidal Training Direct's trainers are still practising qualified medical professionals and they bring that experience with them. Courses can be one day or three days long. Trainers have even staged scenes of accidents to make sure the experience is memorable. All Emergency First Aid courses include theory and practical training of defibrillators (AED).

Sticklers for this sort of thing will know that, as with all good health and safety-related courses, there also needs to be some paperwork to support the company's claims. Tidal Training Direct has it. It is a member of the UK Register of Learning Providers and Approved Accredited Centre with Awarding Body Qualifications Network, regulated by Ofqual. It delivers QN Accredited Emergency First Aid, Basic Life Support, Anaphylaxis, CPR & AED and Paediatric First Aid Courses.

For more information visit  or telephone 01242 371 799

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