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'Most travellers don't understand their insurance'

Thousands of holidaymakers will have inadequate luggage insurance cover this summer, it has been claimed.

An estimated 18million travel insurance policies are sold every year and a staggering 50,000 claims are rejected, according to International Baggage Insurance (IBI).

Linda Reyes, the CEO of IBI, said holidaymakers would be shocked when they realised the maximum cover for their possessions would hardly pay for a new case, let alone its contents.

She said limits of most travel insurance policies applied to anything in the luggage, including clothes, shoes, accessories and even the case itself.

The average travel policy imposes single item limits on baggage contents that typically don't exceed €350, so thousands of travellers could find themselves seriously out of pocket.

Linda Reyes said reading and understanding travel insurance details were as important as planning the actual trip.

"You have to read the small print and make sure what you carry with you, what is in your luggage and what you expect in compensation if there are problems, matches your expectations," she said.

"Some insurance claims will come as a shock to many people when they receive only a small percentage back in compensation.

"Read the small print and then make sure you understand the small print.

"Don't be fooled into thinking you are covered and then complain if you have not read and understood the small print.

"Travelling with hundreds of Euros worth of clothing and electronic items in your luggage means you will undoubtedly be well over any insurance claim limits."

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Picture credit: pixabay

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