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10 signs you’ve got a bad boss

Think your boss is bad? You're not alone.

It's said that you don't leave your company, you leave your manager and a new survey by careers website, Glassdoor, shows that is very much the case. More than one in five workers have resigned due to bad management, according to the survey of 2000 workers.

It also found that two out of three people have had bosses they found annoying, as reported by The Independent. 

So what makes a bad boss? The top gripe, for 43 per cent of those surveyed, was disrespectful behaviour, including ignoring staff and taking credit for other people's work.

One in 10 women had to put up with sexist comments at work and 23 per cent of women complained of lazy bosses.

So here are the 10 top traits in managers that really wind their staff up:

1. Disrespectful - 43 per cent

2. Negative attitude - 34 per cent

3. Lazy - 23 per cent

4. Always talking about himself/ herself - 16 per cent

5. Inappropriate humour - 10 per cent

6. Comes in late - 10 per cent

7.Leaves early - 10 per cent

8. Swearing - 8 per cent

9. Loud phone calls - 8 per cent

10. Sexist comments -7 per cent

Here at Punchline, we're pleased to say we have a very good boss (and he hasn't told us to say that, honest!). But we can certainly remember previous managers who could tick a fair few of these off.

So how many can you tick off about your boss? Email 

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