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How to ask to work from home

Working from home (WFH) has become the norm for many of us during the pandemic. For some people, it will have boosted their productivity and their work-life balance and they won't be in a hurry to return to the office any time soon.

For others seeking a new job, they may want to work from home from the start. But how do you ask your boss to allow you to WFH in the long-term?

In the latest #GetHired conversation on LinkedIn, with news editor, Andrew Seaman and HR expert Tracy Cote, she said that she believes the more progressive companies will continue to allow people to WFH in the future. On the flip side, many people like working in an office and working together, so she doesn't believe there will be a complete shift to WFH across the board.

She said that geography has become less of an issue than it was before the pandemic - if valued employees want to move to another part of the country so they can no longer get to the office, employers are more likely to accommodate their requests as they have been working remotely for months anyway.

"The more proof employers have that it works with people they know and trust, that opens the door to people bringing their talent to different companies and different locations. Companies will say 'It worked with this employee, so it should work with this new hire as well.'"

She advises job seekers to wait before having the conversation about working remotely.

"You may wait for a couple of conversations. Wait until they really like you and they're interested in you, before you seriously put that as a line in the sand for yourself. If you do it right at the beginning, that may take you out of the running for the interview."

Commenting on the video, Jeanette Mulvey, a business writer, took the opposite stance. She said: "Ultimately, I decided to make it known very early in the process (that she wanted to work from home) and the result was that if it was a deal breaker, it saved time for both the company and me. And, fortunately, I also found that many companies did not see it as an obstacle.

"Post-pandemic, I hope it will be easier for people to navigate this, especially mums, who, despite all the progress we've made - still have two full time jobs."

Punchline said: "Working from home can and should be a positive for employers and employees alike. Employees can cut their commute and increase their productivity, while employers have access to a much more diverse pool of talent, as they are no longer restricted to a small geographical area.

"There has never been a better time to have the WFH conversation with your employer or prospective employer."

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