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Local company shows commitment to apprentices

Ian Mean, Gloucestershire director of Business West, was recently invited to speak at BorgWarner.

He attended the multinational company's apprenticeship awards at its production plant in Stonehouse and had this to say:

Ten years ago, I was privileged to attend your apprenticeship awards here. And seven out of those nine winners are still in the business. You simply have a brilliant set of alumni.

These apprentices don't stop winning. And, most importantly, they don't stop learning.

Training is in the DNA of BorgWarner. It's a company that is supplying the world's major names in automotive and truck engine manufacture. They invest in training and in skills. It is those skills that come from the development of the apprentices being honoured here tonight.

They are an integral part of a great engineering success story.100 per cent of what the teams here manufacture seven days a week, 24 hrs a day is exported. What a growth story.

Our government please note - it is all very well talking about growth, but you have to produce it!

I have always felt one of the main attractions of apprenticeships is they allow our young people to learn and earn at the same time.

They are a great tribute to the encouragement of their mentors - people like Gary and his training team. They are trusted people. They are helping to guide your young people through the important early days of their working lives.

The training track record of Delphi, and now BorgWarner, is exemplary. It mirrors the brilliant apprenticeship record of engineering companies in our county, so well supported by Gloucestershire Engineering Training.

When we talk of legacy, we must mention David Friday, whose great foresight led to the establishment of the apprenticeship scheme. We owe David a great tribute for creating this legacy.

Kenny Collins was the first winner of the David Friday award 10 years ago, presented here at Kingsholm when he was 19. Kenny is the epitome of the success of apprenticeships.

This is a young man who got Ds and Es in his GCSEs. But look at him now! Kenny Collins is a role model that David Friday would have been so proud of.

I believe this is the time of the apprentice. To be able to learn and earn. To get the skills that are so scarce today. To help grow BorgWarner. And to play an important role in their personal development.

Ladies and gentlemen, Gloucestershire thanks BorgWarner for its commitment to your people.

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