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Richard Arthur explains why it’s not always the right thing to employ ‘another you'

When trying to grow, a lot of business owners will say "I want to employ someone just like me."

However, Richard Arthur, managing director at Cheltenham-based recruitment agency Hooray asks you to consider that and ask, why?

The perceived benefit of employing another 'you' is that employees cut from the same cloth will give as much time and commitment to the business as you do.

However, this can be a misconseption.

Your intention may be to ensure a cultural fit into the business, but there is a fine line between a good fit and overlooking a candidate with potential.

Do you really want to employ an inexperienced version of you? A less established identical copy of yourself may well frustrate you.

The main concern is whether anyone will care about your business as much as you do.

My argument is that with the right motivation and commitment to your business, they indeed can.

Think of that most common question in an interview: "What is your weakness?".

I'll ask you to reflect and consider how this applies to yourself...

If you extend that threat to think about whether that is a weakness that you want throughout your business, then the answer is almost certainly a no.

First and foremost, consider the competencies required for the role you are recruiting for and compare those with the role you have.

It's more than likely that the right person has different personality traits and abilities.

Recruiting someone who shares most of your values and has your worth ethic, but has different strengths, weaknesses and qualities can be hugely beneficial because those skills complement your own.

Studies support this. Companies who employ a diverse cohort of staff report higher levels of productivity.

Also, if your employees are thinking the same thing as you, you are much less likely to find that out-of-the-box solution to that challenging problem.

Altering recruitment techniques and qualifying candidates purely on merit is one way of obtaining a higher level of diversity.

Many companies use a reputable recruitment agency as they proactively resource and identify talent.

What's more, an amalgamation of skills and experience could also safeguard your business against change and allow it to adapt in new and exciting ways.

This can be beneficial during periods of adversity, where your business may experience success and challenges in different areas.

Your employees can also move your business in a different direction.

Joe Bloggs in accounts may have excellent marketing skills and expand your business online, an avenue you had never previously considered.

So if you are looking to recruit the 'next you', remember that the most successful and impactful businesses pull different skillsets and attributes together.

Your next employee may not be another 'you', but as long as they have the passion and motivation for the job that you do, they can be one of your greatest assets.

For more information about Hooray, visit or call 01242 300228 

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