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Review: The Brothers Grimm present Cinderella at the Barn Theatre

At this time of year, you might be expecting a pantomime, but this is a different story. An alternative to the traditional Christmas panto, with some slapstick comedy, juvenile jokes, and dramatic sounds.

The performance remained true to the grimm tale, told by two brothers.

With Jesse Ashby and Matthew Romain following the Barn theme of switching back and forth between characters. Portraying the Grimm brothers telling the tale of Cinderella, and acting as characters within their stories, from the boy next door to the wicked stepmother. They showed their range of talent.

Tanya Bridgeman starred as Cinderella, with Emily Panes and Anna Fordham playing stepsisters Anastasia and Drusilla. Also featuring Celia Cruwys-Finnigan and Elzbieta Kalicka; comprising a cast of seven.

The cast were quick witted and enthusiastic in their endeavours, complementing each other on stage. Bringing theatre energy to the stage. Each role brought a different temperament to life, contrasting a range of relationships and personalities.

However, this story is a little different to the modern adaptations. Three balls and brief encounters instead of one, an understated dress and a little cross over with Red Riding Hood.

Resulting in an initial fast pace, concluding the first act with the first ball, leaving the audience wondering, what will happen in the second act? A more intricately woven tale than I am familiar with.

This adaptation retained the key markers of a the fairytale with a princess, a prince and a happily ever after. This could have been the end, but we witnessed more after as Cinderella told the tale of another fairytale favourite leaving the audience to wonder if this one might be told next.

Although implied, the gruesome parts of the tale have been mostly redacted to a flash of red light. So, the performance taking place this Winter (shows available until January 2) can be appreciated by juniors too.

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