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John Cleese first to book place at retreat

Where: Tewkesbury Park Hotel

When: Saturday, June 8, to Tuesday, June 11

A four-day retreat is taking place at Tewkesbury Park Hotel next month entitled 'Exploring the Divided Brain' - and John Cleese was the first person to book a place.

The residential course is being led by the renowned psychiatrist and former Oxford literary scholar Iain McGilchrist from June 8-11.

The Monty Python star is a huge fan of Iain McGilchrist and regards his book, The Master and his Emissary, as the best and most important book he has ever read.

John also features in the documentary, The Divided Brain, about Iain McGilchrist and has interviewed him a few times on American TV.

Iain's writing has helped John to navigate and understand so much about the human condition and would recommend everyone read it.

Over four days, Iain McGilchrist will give 14 talks. For the first time he gives firm scientific evidence for the idea that we had gradually lost touch with the direct, intuitive, mystical side of our nature. He argues the domination of the left brain is dangerous, leading to disconnection and crisis.

The course offers a place of inquiry and debate into ways of firstly understanding and then, hopefully, healing many of the problems in our personal lives, work, and the divisions in today's culture as a whole.

Iain McGilchrist is one of the most profound recent thinkers of today. His book was described by former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams as "the most important writing since Darwin" and, he a man, who will almost certainly go down in history.

As such, Samantha Field, director at Field & Field Ltd, in partnership with Tewkesbury Park, are extremely honoured to be hosting the retreat at the hotel, which is set in 165 acres of majestic parkland and commanding views of the Cotswolds countryside and beyond.

For booking and/or further information please contact Samantha Field on 01386 725679 or 07864 810634, 

For more information about the four-day retreat, visit 

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