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Imaginative smartphone wallpapers Image

Imaginative smartphone wallpapers

The ‘hole-punch’ notch has become the latest innovation across many Android smartphones.

Cut in half Image

Cut in half

Cut an object in half and it reveals a unique, cross-sectional view.

Ten crazy facts that seem fake, but are actually true Image

Ten crazy facts that seem fake, but are actually true

Sounds made up? These strange facts definitely aren't!

Hotels from hell Image

Hotels from hell

Could a hotel stay get much worse?

The balance between reality and imagination Image

The balance between reality and imagination

Imagination is the key to keeping the mind entertained.

Dog snapchats to brighten up your Monday Image

Dog snapchats to brighten up your Monday

Beating the Monday blues can be tough - but we might have just the answer.

Online shopping regrets Image

Online shopping regrets

However convenient online shopping may be, you never really know exactly what your spending your money on.

Filling in the gaps Image

Filling in the gaps

This French artist and painter decided to think out of the box when it came to his latest collection of work.

Cat ladders Image

Cat ladders

There's a rather strange phenomenon taking hold in Switzerland.

Pancake creativity Image

Pancake creativity

Shrove Tuesday is here and that means pancakes!

Artist transforms everyday objects into

Artist transforms everyday objects into "something else"

This Russian artist, Tatiana Khlopkova, has transformed everyday objects into something else.

A modern-day genius Image

A modern-day genius

These genius ideas could be the key to fixing many day-to-day struggles.

The place we call home Image

The place we call home

What would your dream home look like? Surely not like this...

Gentle giants Image

Gentle giants

Behind the fur of one of the largest dog breeds, Newfoundland’s are also very loyal and obedient at heart.

Far from perfect panoramic pictures Image

Far from perfect panoramic pictures

These panoramic photographs have captured some unbelievably weird animals.

People who got more than they bargained for in their Airbnb Image

People who got more than they bargained for in their Airbnb

You never really know fully what to expect when you arrive at an apartment advertised on AirBnB

Forgetting the English language Image

Forgetting the English language

The stress of a busy week or presentation can cause us to forget the simplest of words from our everyday vocabulary.

Fashion or outright ridiculous? Image

Fashion or outright ridiculous?

The fashion of the 1970s is far from what we have today.

Designers with bad intentions? Image

Designers with bad intentions?

These designers don't necessarily have bad intentions, but they certainly prove the importance of small details.

Shanghai street style Image

Shanghai street style

The people living in Shanghai have a unique strangeness about their sense of style.

A moment of stupidity Image

A moment of stupidity

These canines have had a rather long momentary loss of judgement.

Behind the lens Image

Behind the lens

Photos on the internet aren't always as they seem, and can be very deceiving.

Valentine's day cake fails Image

Valentine's day cake fails

It's the thought that counts, right?

The secret life of wild animals Image

The secret life of wild animals

This Paris-based photographer has used his photoshop skills to ensure his wildlife photography photographs are unique and stand out.

Cat shaming Image

Cat shaming

These cats may be cute, but they are also paw-some criminals.

National Inventors’ Day Image

National Inventors’ Day

From futuristic novels to team projects, we have all been inspired to create something technologically advanced to make our lives easier.

Hairy art Image

Hairy art

This fashion designer takes art to another level and embraces it like no one else.

A surprise delivery Image

A surprise delivery

Going from house to house dropping off deliveries can’t be the most exciting job in the world, but these delivery drivers have certainly spiced it up a bit.

Punny signs part two Image

Punny signs part two

Everyone likes to laugh, the sillier the joke the better. Here are a collection of punny signs spotted around the globe...

Dogs living human lives Image

Dogs living human lives

Humans have incredible bonds with their dogs, but this might be going overboard.

A creative eye for everyday objects Image

A creative eye for everyday objects

With a creative eye and lots of imagination, seemingly boring, everyday objects can be transformed into something incredible and fun.

Ice cold Image

Ice cold

It might be cold outside but we have nothing on the extreme temperatures sweeping America at the moment.

Questionable fashion choices Image

Questionable fashion choices

Some people want to be unique and stand out from the crowd, especially in China.

Taxi drivers have upped their game Image

Taxi drivers have upped their game

These taxi drivers have got customer service and enjoyment down to a tee.

Seriously misleading packaging Image

Seriously misleading packaging

Corporate greed has got the better of some once highly respected brands and their products.

Photoshop manipulations Image

Photoshop manipulations

Modern photo-editing software can really bring one's imagination to life.

Pet slippers Image

Pet slippers

This company sells custom slippers that make you look like your wearing two dogs on your feet.

A touch of creativity Image

A touch of creativity

These libraries have provided that little extra creative touch, to ensure it'll be a trip you won't forget in a hurry.

Growing up too fast Image

Growing up too fast

Some babies just grow up way too fast.

Tiny packaging sculptures Image

Tiny packaging sculptures

This innovative artist from China has transformed the packaging from a Ferrero Rocher into impressive and fascinating sculptures.

Sibling rivalry Image

Sibling rivalry

These photos below should determine if you're really missing out if you're an only child.

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