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Gloucestershire Business News

Acts of kindness Image

Acts of kindness

Random acts of kindness are a growing trend. We've found a few appreciative people...

Keep on defying gravity Image

Keep on defying gravity

When you understand the laws of nature and physics, you can find the perfect balance and create something wicked.

Smaller than life Image

Smaller than life

What would life be like in a microscopic world?

Peculiar finds Image

Peculiar finds

When you stop searching, you sometimes make the best discoveries.

International day of the girl Image

International day of the girl

It's international day of the girl, so we have compiled some funny tweets about having a daughter.

Hiding in plain sight Image

Hiding in plain sight

These people and animals matched their surrounds too well.

Kids say the funniest things Image

Kids say the funniest things

Embarrasing you in public, using sound logical reasoning, performing odd acts and using puppy dog eyes to get a puppy of their own are just a few of the things that make children entertaining.

Beneath the skin Image

Beneath the skin

Using geometric shapes, this tattoo artist as created some impressive 3D works of art.

Hospital can be a fun place too Image

Hospital can be a fun place too

You might rarely look forward to visiting the hospital – but sometimes it can be a rather funny experience.

Freaky coincidences Image

Freaky coincidences

Freaky coincidences

Defying gravity Image

Defying gravity

Sometimes physics doesn't quite make sense.

Embarrassing dads Image

Embarrassing dads

We compiled a list of embarrassing moments and jokes from dads across the internet.

Bizarre exotic species Image

Bizarre exotic species

Photoshop can be used to create some rather unusual animals.

Scary mascots Image

Scary mascots

We have fun mascots in Gloucestershire including the Stagecoach West Easter bunny and the Pied Piper Appeal's 'Boulder' the bear.

Hilarious office antics Image

Hilarious office antics

Everyone needs some humour in the workplace to brighten up their day.

Would you work for free? Image

Would you work for free?

You wouldn’t walk into a restaurant and demand a free meal, so why should art be any different?

Living in 2050 Image

Living in 2050

Innovation and imagination are placing countries years ahead.

Pet shaming Image

Pet shaming

These pets are definitely in the doghouse for their misdeeds.

Twenty people that are having a worse day than you Image

Twenty people that are having a worse day than you

Thought you were having a bad day? Maybe this will change your mind.

2-in-1 tattoos Image

2-in-1 tattoos

Optical illusions can appear in the most unusual places.

Creepy street art Image

Creepy street art

3D creatures roaming the streets, what could be worse?

Old-aged youngsters Image

Old-aged youngsters

“They grow up so fast” taken to another level.

Overtime Image


A doctor and a lawyer are talking at a networking event.

Comedic wildlife Image

Comedic wildlife

Animals can have a better sense of humour than humans.

App of the week: ColorNote Image

App of the week: ColorNote

Ever have too many to-do lists? Task management on your smartphone might be key to staying organised.

Missed the joke Image

Missed the joke

When you miss the joke so badly, that you become the joke.

 A troubled society Image

A troubled society

The following photos may make you question everything and are disturbingly unassuming.

Notice banter Image

Notice banter

These are some of the best responses to public notices.

Bizarre animal snapchats Image

Bizarre animal snapchats

Snapchat isn’t just for sharing those crazy night outs with your mates.

Like owner, like dog Image

Like owner, like dog

Some dogs really do look like their owners.

Fun with co-workers Image

Fun with co-workers

These co-workers are outstanding in keeping the office amused.

Unexpected selfies Image

Unexpected selfies

These are some of the perfect selfies, taken when they were least expected.

Surprised by shadows Image

Surprised by shadows

Sometimes shadows refuse to do what they are told.

Creative coffee Image

Creative coffee

Who knew pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso could look so artistic.

Always forgetting something Image

Always forgetting something

Sometimes, forgetting something important has disastrous consequences.

Creative advertising Image

Creative advertising

The signs have a point.

Satisfying nature Image

Satisfying nature

Odd occurences in nature that are oddly satisfying.

Environmentally unsound Image

Environmentally unsound

If you are cautious of the environment, do not copy these products.

"I'm Batman"

I went for a job interview today and the interviewer asked me, "What would you consider to be your main weaknesses and strengths?"

Adorable animals part two Image

Adorable animals part two

Animals do the funniest things, from posing for the camera to making unlikely friendships and mimicking humans.

Adorable animals Image

Adorable animals

Animals do the funniest things, from posing for the camera to making unlikely friendships and mimicking humans.

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