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'Elf On The Shelf' taken to the next level Image

'Elf On The Shelf' taken to the next level

A modern Christmas tradition is taking the world by storm.

Floral x-rays Image

Floral x-rays

This artist from Germany decided to experiment with x-ray equipment to delve deeper into the world of flowers.

Creative bookends Image

Creative bookends

You can get lost in a good book but now you can get lost in a bookcase too.

Best dog tweets of 2018 Image

Best dog tweets of 2018

Dogs, do they love us or just tolerate us?

Simple lines Image

Simple lines

This LA based artist creates large scale, incredible optical illusions from simple lines.

App of the week: Google Translate Image

App of the week: Google Translate

Are you communicating with clients and customers across the world on a daily basis?

Fake gifts Image

Fake gifts

How would you react to spotting one of these on the shelves of your local store?

The life of an extraordinary hedgehog Image

The life of an extraordinary hedgehog

A traveling hedgehog named Mr. Pokee has taken Instagram by storm.

A tough day shopping Image

A tough day shopping

Who knew the all-consuming agony husbands and boyfriends endure when they go shopping with their significant others.

Alternative Christmas Décor Image

Alternative Christmas Décor

Christmas is the perfect time to begin a new tradition from building something creative with just three and a half weeks to go...

Evil or genius? Image

Evil or genius?

You definitely don’t want to cross paths with these people.

Parent life hacks Image

Parent life hacks

Raising kids can sometimes be tough, but these tips might help to make it that little bit easier and less stressful.

A breath-taking overview Image

A breath-taking overview

Satellite images provide a different perspective of planet earth and the world that we live in.

Christmas stress Image

Christmas stress

Christmas is widely regarded as the most wonderful time of the year but it can also be the most stressful.

Perfect alignment part two Image

Perfect alignment part two

If you enjoyed our Perfect alignment feature, here are a few more photos to enjoy...

The biggest dog of them all Image

The biggest dog of them all

It’s crazy how large Great Danes really are.

Perfect alignment  Image

Perfect alignment

It's rare that things fit together so perfectly.

Best dog tweets of 2017 Image

Best dog tweets of 2017

Here are some of the best tweets from dog owners around the world in 2017.

Designs that should never have been approved Image

Designs that should never have been approved

Anyone would wonder how these designs got through production.

Completing the puzzle Image

Completing the puzzle

Sometimes, all the pieces don’t have to fit.

A grumpy feline friend Image

A grumpy feline friend

A man found an injured cat wandering the streets of London with a rather unique trait.

Recreating childhood memories Image

Recreating childhood memories

These people have flipped family photos on their head and got creative by recreating them years later.

Childhood cartoons of nightmares Image

Childhood cartoons of nightmares

This artist has creepified some of the most well-known childhood cartoon icons into terrifying monsters.

A compromise was reached Image

A compromise was reached

Some people and their pets like to always get their way, this is what happens when they don't.

Book Review: The Perfect Neighbours by Rachel Sargeant Image

Book Review: The Perfect Neighbours by Rachel Sargeant

If you like gripping psychological crime thrillers, then this should be your next read.

Structurally unsafe Image

Structurally unsafe

We’ve found some of the worst things seen during structural inspections.

All mapped out Image

All mapped out

We found a collection of maps that are so bad, they’re good.

‘Sliced’ animals Image

‘Sliced’ animals

This German designer has created some inspirational street art with a mechanical twist.

Today's technology taken back to the 1980s Image

Today's technology taken back to the 1980s

This creative art director has transformed technologies we have today back in time.

Photoshopped felines Image

Photoshopped felines

Crazy cat lady taken to another level.

Cutlery creations Image

Cutlery creations

This artist has an unusual hobby of creating exquisite sculptures crafted out of old cutlery.

Truly terrifying pumpkin carvings Image

Truly terrifying pumpkin carvings

Punchline have found some pumpkins that cut to the very core of human existence.

A fashion disaster Image

A fashion disaster

We’ve all had some embarrassing moments when it comes to clothing choice.

National Cat Day Image

National Cat Day

It's National Cat Day, encouraging cat lovers to celebrate the cats in their lives for the unconditional love and companionship that they bestow upon them.

Artsy animal x-rays Image

Artsy animal x-rays

Punchline have found a fascinating way to look at wildlife during the Halloween season.

Kid drawings Image

Kid drawings

This half-term week, we expect the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles among our readers will be receiving lots of drawings from the little ones as they occupy themselves with hours of playtime.

Halloween costume knock-offs Image

Halloween costume knock-offs

We found some of the best copy-cat Halloween looks to spook out your friends.

Couples costumes Image

Couples costumes

Halloween is just one week away, have you decided this year's costume?

Respect your elders Image

Respect your elders

The older generation can provide wisdom, as well as occasional humour.

Mouth-watering mattresses Image

Mouth-watering mattresses

Who knew your old, smelly mattress could be turned into something that looked so tasty.

Kids never get boring Image

Kids never get boring

Sometimes, children are oblivious to how funny they actually are.

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