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Gloucestershire Business News

An unusual road trip adventure Image

An unusual road trip adventure

Who doesn’t people watch when on a long drive? These drivers have seriously let It loose.

Strange shopping moments Image

Strange shopping moments

These people really couldn't believe their eyes whilst doing their weekly shop..

Gordon Ramsay roasts Image

Gordon Ramsay roasts

Do they lack cooking experience or are they baiting Gordon Ramsay in competition for the best roast?

Having a bad day? Image

Having a bad day?

You're not alone.

Funny Parenting Tweets Image

Funny Parenting Tweets

Every house has their own challenges…

Criminal cats Image

Criminal cats

Maybe these mischievous felines should be kept behind bars?

Company name puns Image

Company name puns

When creating a new business, it's a good idea to check out the competition and take full advantage of pun opportunities.

Misleading signs Image

Misleading signs

Beware the misleading signs, these people didn't quite get what they asked for.

New co-worker Image

New co-worker

A new employee was going to lunch with her new co-workers when the topic of her last job came up.

Products that didn’t quite make it Image

Products that didn’t quite make it

Not every idea works out, even from the biggest of manufacturers.

The Intern Image

The Intern

I had just started an internship at a media company in Gloucester.

Back in the 1990s Image

Back in the 1990s

Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia.

Dumb and dumber Image

Dumb and dumber

Not all pets are smart!

I quit drinking Image

I quit drinking

A man walks into a bar in Cheltenham and orders three beers.

Unintentionally funny headlines Image

Unintentionally funny headlines

Newspapers can sometimes provide some unintentional humour.

Where’s the editor? Image

Where’s the editor?

These designs definitely needed a second pair of eyes.

The Accountant Image

The Accountant

A Gloucestershire businessman was hiring for an accounting position and conducted interviews for each of the hopefuls.

A dog’s love for food Image

A dog’s love for food

Dogs will never be shy when it comes to food.

Beyond the grave Image

Beyond the grave

My boss asked me today, "Do you believe in life after death and the supernatural?"

Risk is my middle name Image

Risk is my middle name

And we wonder why people moan about health and safety?

I'm going to get an OBE before I die Image

I'm going to get an OBE before I die

On a farm, just across the severn bridge into Wales, a farmers wife couldn't find her husband, Steve.

Tempted fate Image

Tempted fate

It’s definitely coming home, we just didn’t say when.

I got fired today Image

I got fired today

My boss said my communication skills were awful.

Not your normal advert Image

Not your normal advert

With social media and online advertising taking the front seat, its sometimes a surprise to see posters on lampposts nowadays.

New job Image

New job

Tom, a junior accountant had recently started at a well-known firm in Cirencester.

Imperfections Image


Some of us will be more obsessive over the following images than others.

Plum offer Image

Plum offer

A greengrocer with a business in Cinderford put up a sign in his shop window.

Flying home Image

Flying home

You can always find something out of the ordinary, even at the airport.

Can I borrow the phone? Image

Can I borrow the phone?

The owner of a supermarket chain decided to make a surprise visit to one of his shops and check up on his customer service staff.

Waistcoat Wednesday Image

Waistcoat Wednesday

Waistcoats are flying off the shelves today as football is coming home, even animals have joined the craze.

Fabulous footwear Image

Fabulous footwear

Everyone loves to change a trend.

Calamity in the kitchen Image

Calamity in the kitchen

Not everyone is a Michelin star chef when it comes to cooking.

Artie chokes Image

Artie chokes

Tired of constantly being broke and stuck in an unhappy marriage, a young husband decided to solve both problems.

Liquid cat Image

Liquid cat

If it fits, the cat sits.

A spot of luck Image

A spot of luck

An antique dealer was walking through Tetbury town centre when he saw a cat drinking milk from a saucer in a shop window.

Not so bright boxers Image

Not so bright boxers

Let these bundles of fun keep the Friday feeling going strong!

Creative Innovation Image

Creative Innovation

These people are experts at multitasking.

Moving house Image

Moving house

An employee went to see his supervisor in the front office to request some time off.

A* for humour Image

A* for humour

Education is boring without a bit of laughter every once in a while.

App of the week: Trello Image

App of the week: Trello

Teamwork is sometimes tough to get right. This week's app of the week, helps to visualise projects and goals for efficient and effective collaboration.

The dirty artist Image

The dirty artist

Art can be created anywhere, even in the dirt!

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