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Gloucestershire Business News

Living in 2050 Image

Living in 2050

Innovation and imagination are placing countries years ahead.

Pet shaming Image

Pet shaming

These pets are definitely in the doghouse for their misdeeds.

Twenty people that are having a worse day than you Image

Twenty people that are having a worse day than you

Thought you were having a bad day? Maybe this will change your mind.

2-in-1 tattoos Image

2-in-1 tattoos

Optical illusions can appear in the most unusual places.

Creepy street art Image

Creepy street art

3D creatures roaming the streets, what could be worse?

Old-aged youngsters Image

Old-aged youngsters

“They grow up so fast” taken to another level.

Overtime Image


A doctor and a lawyer are talking at a networking event.

Comedic wildlife Image

Comedic wildlife

Animals can have a better sense of humour than humans.

App of the week: ColorNote Image

App of the week: ColorNote

Ever have too many to-do lists? Task management on your smartphone might be key to staying organised.

Missed the joke Image

Missed the joke

When you miss the joke so badly, that you become the joke.

 A troubled society Image

A troubled society

The following photos may make you question everything and are disturbingly unassuming.

Notice banter Image

Notice banter

These are some of the best responses to public notices.

Bizarre animal snapchats Image

Bizarre animal snapchats

Snapchat isn’t just for sharing those crazy night outs with your mates.

Like owner, like dog Image

Like owner, like dog

Some dogs really do look like their owners.

Fun with co-workers Image

Fun with co-workers

These co-workers are outstanding in keeping the office amused.

Unexpected selfies Image

Unexpected selfies

These are some of the perfect selfies, taken when they were least expected.

Surprised by shadows Image

Surprised by shadows

Sometimes shadows refuse to do what they are told.

Creative coffee Image

Creative coffee

Who knew pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso could look so artistic.

Always forgetting something Image

Always forgetting something

Sometimes, forgetting something important has disastrous consequences.

Creative advertising Image

Creative advertising

The signs have a point.

Satisfying nature Image

Satisfying nature

Odd occurences in nature that are oddly satisfying.

Environmentally unsound Image

Environmentally unsound

If you are cautious of the environment, do not copy these products.

"I'm Batman"

I went for a job interview today and the interviewer asked me, "What would you consider to be your main weaknesses and strengths?"

Adorable animals part two Image

Adorable animals part two

Animals do the funniest things, from posing for the camera to making unlikely friendships and mimicking humans.

Adorable animals Image

Adorable animals

Animals do the funniest things, from posing for the camera to making unlikely friendships and mimicking humans.

Punny signs Image

Punny signs

This small village in Colorado definitely have a sense of humour with their road signs.

Pizza delivery Image

Pizza delivery

A British businessman goes to Japan on a business trip.

I found my double Image

I found my double

Its not all that uncommon for people to adopt the same fashion styles.

Dangerously distracted drivers Image

Dangerously distracted drivers

Everyone’s seen their fair share of bizarre sights on the road.

Product design gone wrong Image

Product design gone wrong

Some products that reach the shelves just aren’t what you expect.

Packaging that makes you smile Image

Packaging that makes you smile

These companies left a little surprise on their products for their customers to find and hopefully make them smile.

Larger than life Image

Larger than life

Is bigger always better?

Not a care in the world Image

Not a care in the world

Ever wished you could go back to the days when you were a toddler and all you thought about was your next nap?

App of the week: Asana Image

App of the week: Asana

A sure-fire way to improve organisation in your business.

Nature left its mark Image

Nature left its mark

In a world where everything seems man made, sometimes the horrors of nature will come back to haunt us.

Photoshop favours Image

Photoshop favours

Photoshop doesn't always work in your favour.

A spontaneous photoshoot Image

A spontaneous photoshoot

Budding photographers will do anything for the perfect shot

Wacky workouts Image

Wacky workouts

People often show their inner selves while at the gym.

App of the week: Citrix ShareFile Business  Image

App of the week: Citrix ShareFile Business

Want to access and share all your files and documents in a few simple clicks without having to wait hours for them to send in an email?

Dog balloons Image

Dog balloons

With a bit of upside down photographic wizardry, these hilarious pictures show dogs that appear to have floated up to the ceiling and got stuck there.

Breakfast ruined Image

Breakfast ruined

A businessman was nearing the end of his week long stay at a hotel in Stroud.

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