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Take it literally Image

Take it literally

These people got exactly what they asked for, even though it’s not quite what they meant.

Parenting in Lockdown Image

Parenting in Lockdown

We’re all in this together.

Making the best of it Image

Making the best of it

When stuck indoors with no feasible end in sight, it can be difficult to remain positive.

Stuck in quarantine Image

Stuck in quarantine

Unfortunate accidents are taking place during lockdown.

Staying home with pets Image

Staying home with pets

Animals are adapting to lockdown too.

Bookface Image


Getting bored during lockdown? Have you tried re-creating the covers from your favourite books?

Wearing glasses Image

Wearing glasses

There are many illusions about wearing glasses. Here are some examples of what it’s like #GrowingUpWithGlasses.

In Quarantine Image

In Quarantine

We’re all coping with the situation at hand, each facing our own challenges.

Animal distancing Image

Animal distancing

Animals following the rules of social distancing.

Bad co-workers Image

Bad co-workers

As they cope with the added pressure of working together 24/7, couples and families are creating co-workers or blaming their pets when things go wrong.

Covidiots Image


With concerns about the spread of Covid-19 and lockdown in place, not everyone is on their best behaviour.

Lockdown life Image

Lockdown life

We're all adjusting to the current situation.

Entertaining Grandma Image

Entertaining Grandma

Grandmothers teach us a lot of important things, often entertaining us at the same time.

Cooking Fails Image

Cooking Fails

Lockdown gives us plenty of opportunity to practice cooking and avoid these disasters.

Realities of lockdown Image

Realities of lockdown

How are you coping with the current situation?

Odd things in the world Image

Odd things in the world

Since the recent lockdown everything feels a little odd, these things especially.

Church humour Image

Church humour

Funny signs.

Quarantine projects Image

Quarantine projects

Keep the whole family entertained and occupied during quarantine.

Creative coronavirus protection equipment Image

Creative coronavirus protection equipment

There are few reasons to leave home at the moment, so when they do, people are getting creative in their methods of protection.

Conference calls Image

Conference calls

We’re all zooming to our next conference call with the boss, colleagues and clients, but watch out for your surroundings…

We wish we were anywhere but here Image

We wish we were anywhere but here

Whilst trapped at home, we may be idealising some of our past holidays.

Working from home Image

Working from home

We have all been adapting to new work environments for the past one... two... three... weeks?

The joys of parenting in lockdown Image

The joys of parenting in lockdown

The kids are off school and you're working from home - what could go wrong?

Day # of lockdown Image

Day # of lockdown

How are you making the most of your time whilst in lockdown?

Home office struggles Image

Home office struggles

Working from home is a change for most of us - what does your setup look like?

Cats in quarantine Image

Cats in quarantine

It's not just humans self-isolating!

Self-isolation life hacks Image

Self-isolation life hacks

Live a smarter life whilst self-isolating thanks to these tips and tricks.

The art of coronavirus social distancing Image

The art of coronavirus social distancing

Some people have the art of social distancing down to a tee - others are still practising

Pets - the new home working colleague Image

Pets - the new home working colleague

Life can get pretty lonely if you are home working.

11 Coronavirus jokes to keep the spirits up Image

11 Coronavirus jokes to keep the spirits up

It might seem all doom and gloom (especially if you are self-isolating) but thanks to social media there are still plenty of jokers around to raise the spirits.

17 things even panic buyers don't want Image

17 things even panic buyers don't want

Panic buyers are leaving supermarket shelves across the world empty - or are they?

Coronavirus - humour to keep spirits up Image

Coronavirus - humour to keep spirits up

Although no one can be certain of nationwide and worldwide changes over the coming days, weeks and months – humour hasn’t been forgotten that’s for sure.

Good dogs Image

Good dogs

Why do we love them?

Space saving Image

Space saving

We have compiled practical storage solutions for you.

Do you see faces in things? Image

Do you see faces in things?

Do you see faces in things?

Signs of irony Image

Signs of irony

The irony.

Tree animals Image

Tree animals

This Malaysian artist creates tree-animal illustrations to help the imagination of kids run wild.

The world is melting Image

The world is melting

This artist has used digital techniques to educate the public on how climate change is impacting environments across the world.

Long cats Image

Long cats

Some of these cats are very good at stretching.

Washed up on a beach Image

Washed up on a beach

This sculptor from Budapest creates driftwood sculptures from pieces of wood that get washed ashore.

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