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Gloucestershire Business News

Embarrassing moments Image

Embarrassing moments

Spur of the moment embarrassing moments.

Pet shaming Image

Pet shaming

Badly behaved pets.

Funny tweets Image

Funny tweets

Amusing commentary from Twitter.

Clever inventions Image

Clever inventions

Improving precision, clarity and entertainment.

Parenting surprises Image

Parenting surprises

After being home for the past two months, parents are still making new discoveries.

Covid projects Image

Covid projects

Many projects are being undertaken in lockdown.

End in sight Image

End in sight

We’re looking forward to getting back to normal, but progress is going to be slow.

Bad corona adverts Image

Bad corona adverts

These adverts completely miss the point.

New normal Image

New normal

Adapting to new environments.

Food hybrids Image

Food hybrids

These people got lucky with their produce.

Birthdays in quarantine Image

Birthdays in quarantine

Birthdays are special occasions to celebrate with family and friends, unless you’re in a global pandemic.

Living with distance Image

Living with distance

How are you coping with living apart?

Mildly infuriating readers Image

Mildly infuriating readers

These people show disregard towards books.

Going above and beyond Image

Going above and beyond

Forward thinking people making the best of quarantine

Adapting to isolation Image

Adapting to isolation

Whether back at work or still at home, we are all keeping our distance.

Beggars can be choosers Image

Beggars can be choosers

With all the generosity going around lately, remember to be appreciative.

Let sleeping dogs lie Image

Let sleeping dogs lie

As we think about returning to work, some of us are going to miss relaxing with our pets.

Tech support Image

Tech support

These people should definitely call tech support.

Teaching in quarantine Image

Teaching in quarantine

A new environment presents a new set of challenges.

Bad haircuts Image

Bad haircuts

As well as cutting their own hair, some people have been giving their pets haircuts.

How old are you? Image

How old are you?

Do you remember all these things?

Oversized foods Image

Oversized foods

These foods are larger than life.

Quarantine thoughts Image

Quarantine thoughts

Our concept of daily life and importance has been changed completely.

Take it literally Image

Take it literally

These people got exactly what they asked for, even though it’s not quite what they meant.

Parenting in Lockdown Image

Parenting in Lockdown

We’re all in this together.

Making the best of it Image

Making the best of it

When stuck indoors with no feasible end in sight, it can be difficult to remain positive.

Stuck in quarantine Image

Stuck in quarantine

Unfortunate accidents are taking place during lockdown.

Staying home with pets Image

Staying home with pets

Animals are adapting to lockdown too.

Bookface Image


Getting bored during lockdown? Have you tried re-creating the covers from your favourite books?

Wearing glasses Image

Wearing glasses

There are many illusions about wearing glasses. Here are some examples of what it’s like #GrowingUpWithGlasses.

In Quarantine Image

In Quarantine

We’re all coping with the situation at hand, each facing our own challenges.

Animal distancing Image

Animal distancing

Animals following the rules of social distancing.

Bad co-workers Image

Bad co-workers

As they cope with the added pressure of working together 24/7, couples and families are creating co-workers or blaming their pets when things go wrong.

Covidiots Image


With concerns about the spread of Covid-19 and lockdown in place, not everyone is on their best behaviour.

Lockdown life Image

Lockdown life

We're all adjusting to the current situation.

Entertaining Grandma Image

Entertaining Grandma

Grandmothers teach us a lot of important things, often entertaining us at the same time.

Cooking Fails Image

Cooking Fails

Lockdown gives us plenty of opportunity to practice cooking and avoid these disasters.

Realities of lockdown Image

Realities of lockdown

How are you coping with the current situation?

Odd things in the world Image

Odd things in the world

Since the recent lockdown everything feels a little odd, these things especially.

Church humour Image

Church humour

Funny signs.

Quarantine projects Image

Quarantine projects

Keep the whole family entertained and occupied during quarantine.

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