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Gloucestershire Business News

Tall people problems Image

Tall people problems

We've compiled a list of tall people that are struggling to perform every day, ordinary tasks.

Ironic signs Image

Ironic signs

We've compiled a list of hilariously ironic signs that will make Monday much brighter.

Photoshop battles Image

Photoshop battles

Skilled photo-shoppers have the ability to keep you laughing for hours.

Dangerous design Image

Dangerous design

Bad design can cause serious injury.

The end of my pencil Image

The end of my pencil

This French artist creates lead sculptures on the end of her pencil.

Nailed it Image

Nailed it

Use your imagination and they might look the same.

Solving problems that don't exist Image

Solving problems that don't exist

We've found some of the world's most pointless inventions.

Quirky interior design Image

Quirky interior design

If everyone's homes looked the same it would be boring.

Life's a beach Image

Life's a beach

You see some peculiar things on beaches.

Not your usual Airbnb Image

Not your usual Airbnb

Have you run out of inspiration where to go on holiday this year?

Lapse of judgment Image

Lapse of judgment

A brain-fart that can strike at any time.

Realistic wool animals that need a second glance Image

Realistic wool animals that need a second glance

Real or fake – you need to double check if what you're seeing are not real pets.

Creative and innovative 3D-printing Image

Creative and innovative 3D-printing

Now that hobbyists can get their hands on their very own 3D printers, the potential of this technology has begun to be realized.

There is a bird in my coffee Image

There is a bird in my coffee

Baristas are well-known for trying to brighten your day by creating art in your coffee.

People who failed at being smart Image

People who failed at being smart

Even the smartest of people do dumb things sometimes.

Just balloons Image

Just balloons

You can't go wrong with a balloon animal. This artist creates animals, plant life and insects using only balloons.

Never too old Image

Never too old

Surely, you’re never too old for a kid’s playground?

Collector's Items Image

Collector's Items

A picture of dignitaries at Gloucester Transport Hub led one wag on Twitter to suggest they looked more like a wannabe 'boy' band - which got us thinking.

Dogs with jobs Image

Dogs with jobs

Man's best friend is smarter than you think.

Framed by nature Image

Framed by nature

This artist successfully connects his own artwork to the landscape around him.

Crazy things seen on the road Image

Crazy things seen on the road

Road-users worldwide have been sharing pictures online of the most memorable things they've witnessed whilst behind the wheel.

Mildly infuriating Image

Mildly infuriating

The smallest things can really tip you over the edge.

Homes of the future Image

Homes of the future

Back in the 1900s, this is what people thought houses would look like now.

Unnecessary inventions Image

Unnecessary inventions

Solving the world's problems that don't exist.

Scary signs Image

Scary signs

Signs are meant for direction or warning, but these are slightly terrifying.

Birds caught on camera Image

Birds caught on camera

Just birds, doing their thing.

Confusing gravity Image

Confusing gravity

Freaky or fascinating, you really would wonder if these photos have been taken in space rather than on earth.

Fabulous knock-offs Image

Fabulous knock-offs

These designers and business owners took a little bit too much inspiration from famous brands already in existence.

Old-school parenting Image

Old-school parenting

There was no such thing as health and safety back in the day.

Not your usual stock photo Image

Not your usual stock photo

These are some of the more peculiar stock photos we have come across.

Not my job Image

Not my job

It's Friday afternoon and people are wanting to leave work on time - but these are definitely the wrong ways to start cutting corners.

Pointless purchases Image

Pointless purchases

Everyone can admit spending their hard-earned cash on something that they really don't need.

Awful taste? Image

Awful taste?

It’s each to their own when it comes to personal taste and style, but these might just be stepping over the line.

A freaky smile Image

A freaky smile

These educational toys are definitely not something you want to see at your next dental check-up.

Loo with a view Image

Loo with a view

These bathroom designers aren’t exactly bright sparks.

Birds with arms Image

Birds with arms

Have you not seen a bird with arms before?

Kids will be kids Image

Kids will be kids

There's no doubt that being a parent can be tough at times - but there are definitely times when it can make you laugh too.

Cats in business attire Image

Cats in business attire

They really do look the part - however we're not sure how they would perform in the boardroom.

That looks expensive Image

That looks expensive

It's the first day back after a scorcher of Easter bank holiday weekend and we are sure some are feeling the Monday blues - on a Tuesday. However, these people definitely have it worse...

An alternative selfie Image

An alternative selfie

Selfies are not a new phenomenon. Wherever you go people are taking them.

Perfect timing Image

Perfect timing

No-one expects the unexpected, but these people managed to catch it on camera.

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