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Can I get a do-over? Image

Can I get a do-over?

Having a bad day.

Adopted pets Image

Adopted pets

Getting a new pet is a memorable occasion, especially when they look as happy as these!

Renaming things Image

Renaming things

Kids say the cutest things.

Perfect fit Image

Perfect fit

Satisfyingly perfect fits.

Accidental experiments Image

Accidental experiments

Fun discoveries inside and out.

Accessibility Image


Brilliant inventions to help make life easier, living with a disability.

Wear a mask Image

Wear a mask

From Friday 24th July, it will become compulsory to wear a mask in the UK when visiting shops.

Caught red handed Image

Caught red handed

People and pets caught in the act.

Cats in lockdown part two Image

Cats in lockdown part two

Appreciating the small things in lockdown.

Delightful dogs Image

Delightful dogs

Apppreciating dogs in lockdown.

Genius designs Image

Genius designs

Making life a little easier.

Bad orders Image

Bad orders

These people clearly didn’t understand the menu.

Twitter education Image

Twitter education

Fact, fiction or interpretation?

Cats in lockdown Image

Cats in lockdown

Some of these activities may look a little familiar.

Unique quarantine experiences Image

Unique quarantine experiences

What have you been up to in quarantine?

Art at home Image

Art at home

Have you been getting creative during lockdown?

Having a ruff day Image

Having a ruff day

These animals are having a really bad day.

Stating the obvious Image

Stating the obvious

Funny signs to get the point across.

Theatrical pets Image

Theatrical pets

Celebrating the £1.57billion package for arts and culture, here are some of funny theatrical animals.

Spelling failures Image

Spelling failures

Forgetfulness or auto correct?

Software errors Image

Software errors

Funny malfunctions.

Can you believe it? Image

Can you believe it?

Lacking common sense.

Spell checked Image

Spell checked

The errors of typos.

Curious Cats Image

Curious Cats

These cats are more than a little curious.

Monday mornings Image

Monday mornings

These people are having a terrible day.

Evil geniuses Image

Evil geniuses

The best laid of plans.

Accidental disasters Image

Accidental disasters

Mistakes with disastrous consequences.

Online shopping disasters Image

Online shopping disasters

Misunderstandings and scams.

Quarantine activities Image

Quarantine activities

Things to occupy you during the final days of quarantine.

British tweets Image

British tweets

Only in lockdown.

Man’s best friend part two Image

Man’s best friend part two

Man’s best friend

Incorrect sayings Image

Incorrect sayings

Malapropism, mistaking phrases with similar sounding words.

Pets in bread Image

Pets in bread

Pets posing in bread.

Funny tweets Image

Funny tweets

Have a laugh on us.

Oddly satisfying Image

Oddly satisfying

Making you feel a little better.

Cats on camera Image

Cats on camera

Funny and clever cats.

Overheard conversations Image

Overheard conversations

Conversations picked up from our surroundings.

Sunbathing pets Image

Sunbathing pets

These animals may be solar-powered.

Funny things kids say Image

Funny things kids say

Kids funny misunderstandings and ingenious ideas to get their own way.

Funny food servings Image

Funny food servings

Food and drink served on everything except plates.

Man’s best friend Image

Man’s best friend

Entertaining us every day of their lives.

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