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Gloucestershire Business News

Unforgettable injustices Image

Unforgettable injustices

They’ll never let you forget it.

Bad bosses Image

Bad bosses

Looking back at previous careers.

Unfortunate mistakes Image

Unfortunate mistakes

Well that happened…

Unsafe at work part 3 Image

Unsafe at work part 3

Unsafe at work part 3

Lousy landlords Image

Lousy landlords

Human decency and common sense would be nice.

Marriage tips Image

Marriage tips

Advice from people who have been together a long time.

Is that dog broken? Image

Is that dog broken?

What is wrong with the dogs?

Stuck in lockdown with you Image

Stuck in lockdown with you

I'm stuck living with you.

Look inside Image

Look inside

What will you see?

Unsafe at work part two Image

Unsafe at work part two

These heights will make you weak in the knees.

Forbidden foods part two Image

Forbidden foods part two

These things look good enough to eat!

Unsafe at work Image

Unsafe at work

Do not replicate at home or work.

Forbidden foods Image

Forbidden foods

Not to be eaten.

Bad designers Image

Bad designers

Selling something very different.

Bad Valentine’s Day Image

Bad Valentine’s Day

In lockdown, the day might not have been ideal; but was it worse than these?

Superior delivery Image

Superior delivery

Acts of kindness by delivery people.

Slightly insulting Image

Slightly insulting

What did you do?

Minimum effort Image

Minimum effort

Lack of common sense or lack of work ethic?

Unlikely events Image

Unlikely events

Why does it always happen to me?

Lookalike illusions Image

Lookalike illusions

Things are not always what they first appear.

Extremely bad decisions Image

Extremely bad decisions

They wish they could turn back time.

Pet human hybrids Image

Pet human hybrids

Perfectly timed snapshots.

Funny parent tweets of 2021 Image

Funny parent tweets of 2021

Important life lessons.

Job search hazards Image

Job search hazards

Things to look out for in the recruitment process.

Off the plate ideas Image

Off the plate ideas

Sometimes, a plate would just be better.

Cursed crafts Image

Cursed crafts

These ideas would have been better off left in the box.

Clueless with technology Image

Clueless with technology

Tech support required.

Bad brothers Image

Bad brothers

They’re tough to live with.

Love that DNA Image

Love that DNA

Unique qualities passed from parent to child.

Human faults Image

Human faults

Mistakes were made.

Genius designs Image

Genius designs

Clever designs making life easier and more enjoyable.

False advertising Image

False advertising

What were they thinking?

The dark side of serving Image

The dark side of serving

The customer is not always right.

Wonderful, weird kids Image

Wonderful, weird kids

They might be more common than you think.

Passive aggressive Image

Passive aggressive

These people were not afraid to make their opinions known.

Lockdown moments Image

Lockdown moments

Bizarre things that could have only happened in a pandemic.

Quarantine kids Image

Quarantine kids

Keeping us entertained.

Painful moments Image

Painful moments

Awkward, embarassing and unforgettable moments.

They had one job Image

They had one job

Where did it all go wrong?

Dangerous designs Image

Dangerous designs

These design flaws are accidents waiting to happen.

Sleep conversations Image

Sleep conversations

Sleep talking leads to the funniest of conversations.

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