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Granny vs grandson Image

Granny vs grandson

This granny and grandson have a bond like no other - especially when it comes to dressing up.

Life as a pet celebrity Image

Life as a pet celebrity

Ever wondered what life is like as an online celebrity?

Designer food Image

Designer food

Do you buy a product based on it’s link to a brand?

Bad customers Image

Bad customers

We've all had customers who cause us to question ourselves but these are definitely wrong.

Canines causing trouble Image

Canines causing trouble

Whether it’s a photobomb, doing the wrong thing at the wrong time or generally causing mischief, dogs sure like to get in the way.

Handmade optical illusions Image

Handmade optical illusions

This artist uses his skills in drawing and painting to produce incredible 3D pieces of art on flat surfaces.

Dogs in business Image

Dogs in business

Have you got a canine of feline friend in your office?

Getting creative with food Image

Getting creative with food

Presentation can be everything when it comes to food and this Instagrammer has gone the extra mile.

One of those days Image

One of those days

Think you're having a bad day? Think again.

Quirky home design Image

Quirky home design

Some people take their creative interior design ideas a little too far.

'Rubbish' street art Image

'Rubbish' street art

'Big Trash Animals' by artist Artur Bordalo is a collection of street art that aims to publicise the ever-growing problem of waste pollution across the world.

Funny fake boxes to hide your gifts Image

Funny fake boxes to hide your gifts

Problems with kids finding presents before the big day?

The smartphone epidemic Image

The smartphone epidemic

Are smartphones taking over the world?

Unappetising vintage recipes Image

Unappetising vintage recipes

These cookery recipes from the past are certainly questionable.

Neglectful landlords Image

Neglectful landlords

In rented accommodation, you rely on your landlord to ensure the basic health and safety requirements, as a minimum.

An alternative way of recycling Image

An alternative way of recycling

Online shopping means family homes end up filled with cardboard boxes in the run up to Christmas.

Unusual Ebay purchases Image

Unusual Ebay purchases

Ebay is rife with odd, unusual and totally pointless items that you would never have a use for - but would still cost you a pretty penny to purchase.

That looked expensive Image

That looked expensive

These are some very, very expensive mistakes.

Innocent pictures turned scary Image

Innocent pictures turned scary

Sometimes the most innocent situations can give you a heart attack.

The warning signs Image

The warning signs

These sinister signs have been placed to make you aware of hazards ahead.

A skilled worker Image

A skilled worker

This builder perfectly captions some of the worst bodge jobs on the internet.

The power of power-washing Image

The power of power-washing

Cleaning is a satisfying job and these images prove that.

Fake bargains Image

Fake bargains

Everyone loves a bargain, but these offers just aren't as good as they seem.

The funny side of public transport Image

The funny side of public transport

From clothing to luggage and pets there's not a lot that would surprise you about the world's public transport.

Forbidden snacks Image

Forbidden snacks

These items might look delicious enough to eat, but they definitely aren't edible.

Mind-bending photo mashups Image

Mind-bending photo mashups

Photo-manipulation can enable almost anyone to create exciting and surreal art.

Kids won Halloween Image

Kids won Halloween

There were some amazing costumes shown-off last night, but the kids definitely stole the show.

Halloween Décor Image

Halloween Décor

As we put the finishing touches to our costumes and houses, we can’t help but admire the work of those around us.

Couples costumes Image

Couples costumes

It's spooky week and many of us are hunting down the perfect costumes for the weekend.

Curious Zelda Image

Curious Zelda

On National Cat Day and International Internet Day, we thought we’d bring you both. The twitter account of one feline.

Amusing newspaper headlines Image

Amusing newspaper headlines

Newspapers still remain a popular form of news reporting across the world - but journalists don't always use their common sense when it comes to headlines.

Surreal images that make you look twice Image

Surreal images that make you look twice

This photographer, based in Berlin, is passionate about making the ordinary extraordinary.

Excessive packaging problems Image

Excessive packaging problems

In a world where sustainability and being eco-friendly is talked about on a daily basis – some businesses really don’t help the problem.

Creative Halloween Costumes Image

Creative Halloween Costumes

You’ve got just over a week to find the perfect costume, here is some inspiration.

Day in the life of a plumber Image

Day in the life of a plumber

Plumbers like to share their fair share of weird and bizarre stuff that they see whilst on the job.

Ugly or unique Image

Ugly or unique

Architecture can come in many forms, wherever you are in the world. What are your opinions on these buildings?

Pixel cats Image

Pixel cats

Cats behind frosted glass look like something out of a retro video game.

For the love of food Image

For the love of food

Aside from their owner, there's not much dogs love more than food.

Ducks that will make you smile Image

Ducks that will make you smile

It's Wednesday - halfway through the week and we have the perfect pick-me-up to keep you motivated right through until Friday.

Smart inventions Image

Smart inventions

This Instagram account prides itself on unnecessary inventions, but we think some of these are rather smart.

Oh the irony Image

Oh the irony

Here's some of the most iconic, ironic moments we could find on the internet.

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