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Gloucestershire Business News

Lockdown moments Image

Lockdown moments

Bizarre things that could have only happened in a pandemic.

Quarantine kids Image

Quarantine kids

Keeping us entertained.

Painful moments Image

Painful moments

Awkward, embarassing and unforgettable moments.

They had one job Image

They had one job

Where did it all go wrong?

Dangerous designs Image

Dangerous designs

These design flaws are accidents waiting to happen.

Sleep conversations Image

Sleep conversations

Sleep talking leads to the funniest of conversations.

What am I looking at? Image

What am I looking at?

Things parading as something else.

Employee failures Image

Employee failures

Pay attention to the details.

Badly designed hotels Image

Badly designed hotels

From wildly misleading adverts to poorly designed rooms.

Confusing perspectives Image

Confusing perspectives

Double takes will be required.

Christmas sights Image

Christmas sights

Nature snapshots, festive pets, and Christmas creations.

Broken by home-schooling Image

Broken by home-schooling

Some parents have been broken by home-schooling. Have you?

Elf on the shelf for adults Image

Elf on the shelf for adults

Not suitable for younger readers.

Clever signs Image

Clever signs

Signs spotted in the wild.

Unexpected turns Image

Unexpected turns

Stories that don’t turn out the way you expect.

Genius or disastrous? Image

Genius or disastrous?

What do you think?

Kids who think they’re smart Image

Kids who think they’re smart

Hilariously wrong.

Mildly infuriating Image

Mildly infuriating

Was this necessary?

Dad jokes Image

Dad jokes

Dad humour is part of the job.

Pets in lockdown Image

Pets in lockdown

Here is an insight into what dogs have been getting up to in lockdown, besides extra walkies.

Confidently wrong Image

Confidently wrong

If you're going to be wrong, be confidently wrong.

Job fails Image

Job fails

You had one job and failed.

Perfectly aligned Image

Perfectly aligned

These things are satisfying to look at.

Tech fails Image

Tech fails

We’re calling tech support.

Bad chefs Image

Bad chefs

Becoming a chef requires a lot of practice.

Elf on the quarantine shelf Image

Elf on the quarantine shelf

It is officially December and the elves are back.

Kid advice Image

Kid advice

Funny advice given by children.

Awkward conversations Image

Awkward conversations

What is the most awkward conversation you have ever had with co-workers, friends or strangers?

Having a bad day Image

Having a bad day

How many of these things have happened to you?

Pun inspired businesses Image

Pun inspired businesses

Puns at the heart and face of business.

Supportive parents and grandparents Image

Supportive parents and grandparents

These parents and grandparents are super proud of their kids and grandkids.

DIY disasters Image

DIY disasters

Do not try these at home.

Christmas tree explorers Image

Christmas tree explorers

Cats are in awe of their Christmas trees.

The customer is not always right Image

The customer is not always right

We have all heard of the common saying “the customer is always right” urging retail workers to be complaisant and avoid confrontation, but where do you draw the line?

Deep cleaning Image

Deep cleaning

Satisfying changes of perception.

Cat comments Image

Cat comments

The perks of owning a cat.

Dangerous construction Image

Dangerous construction

Do not try to recreate these at work.

Unexpected Image


Online posts.

Cleaning fails Image

Cleaning fails

The downside of machines.

Mild vandalism Image

Mild vandalism

Or is it?

Parents versus kids Image

Parents versus kids

They didn’t stand a chance.

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