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Gloucestershire Business News

Homeowner horrors Image

Homeowner horrors

Owning your home can bring a lot of worries.

Employee errors Image

Employee errors

Caught slacking on the job.

Management mistakes Image

Management mistakes

These bosses do not have the best interests of their business or employees in mind.

Embarrassing signs Image

Embarrassing signs

Funny and anonymous notes.

Fireable offences Image

Fireable offences

How long do you think they lasted?

Infuriating customers  Image

Infuriating customers

Appalling behaviour in public.

Pet friendly hotels Image

Pet friendly hotels

These hotels accommodate animals too.

Mildly infuriating moments Image

Mildly infuriating moments

Where did we go wrong?

That’s my cat! Image

That’s my cat!

House cats in another house.

Lockdown projects Image

Lockdown projects

Creativity to inspire.

Design disasters Image

Design disasters

Falling into a rabbit hole.

Optical illusions Image

Optical illusions

Walking among giants.

Found in the wild Image

Found in the wild

Mildly interesting observations.

Misleading adverts Image

Misleading adverts

Incorrect and mildly frustrating signs.

Employee fails Image

Employee fails

What were they thinking?

Management fails Image

Management fails

Bad signs in the workplace.

Construction fails Image

Construction fails

Bad construction ideas.

Awkward experiences Image

Awkward experiences

Having high expectations and expecting more from friends.

Plot twist Image

Plot twist

We all enjoy a good plot twist in a highly anticipated novel, but you don't usually expect them in real life.

Caught red handed Image

Caught red handed

Pets caught in the act of being mischievous.

Blending in Image

Blending in

Perfect camouflage.

Work crimes Image

Work crimes

Crimes against employees.

Mildly annoying Image

Mildly annoying

Does your other half do things that make you uncomfortable?

Unforgettable injustices Image

Unforgettable injustices

They’ll never let you forget it.

Bad bosses Image

Bad bosses

Looking back at previous careers.

Unfortunate mistakes Image

Unfortunate mistakes

Well that happened…

Unsafe at work part 3 Image

Unsafe at work part 3

Unsafe at work part 3

Lousy landlords Image

Lousy landlords

Human decency and common sense would be nice.

Marriage tips Image

Marriage tips

Advice from people who have been together a long time.

Is that dog broken? Image

Is that dog broken?

What is wrong with the dogs?

Stuck in lockdown with you Image

Stuck in lockdown with you

I'm stuck living with you.

Look inside Image

Look inside

What will you see?

Unsafe at work part two Image

Unsafe at work part two

These heights will make you weak in the knees.

Forbidden foods part two Image

Forbidden foods part two

These things look good enough to eat!

Unsafe at work Image

Unsafe at work

Do not replicate at home or work.

Forbidden foods Image

Forbidden foods

Not to be eaten.

Bad designers Image

Bad designers

Selling something very different.

Bad Valentine’s Day Image

Bad Valentine’s Day

In lockdown, the day might not have been ideal; but was it worse than these?

Superior delivery Image

Superior delivery

Acts of kindness by delivery people.

Slightly insulting Image

Slightly insulting

What did you do?

Minimum effort Image

Minimum effort

Lack of common sense or lack of work ethic?

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