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Kitchen design flaws Image

Kitchen design flaws

Kitchens are well known for being the heart of the home - but these ones have some pretty obvious flaws and quirky design.

Seven shopping sins Image

Seven shopping sins

These seven people got more than they bargained for at their local supermarkets.

Badly behaved pets Image

Badly behaved pets

People are taking to social media sites to shame their badly behaved pets.

Inconvenient bathrooms Image

Inconvenient bathrooms

You've seen our Architecture Nightmares, here are some terrifically bad bathrooms.

Food shopping Image

Food shopping

These food stores have put in the extra effort to make your weekly shop a little bit easier.

Car fails Image

Car fails

Some of us have better luck and memory than others.

Architecture nightmares Image

Architecture nightmares

When renovating our homes and workplaces, we hope these situations can be avoided.

Funny rugs Image

Funny rugs

Bringing humour to your home through rugs.

Faces in things Image

Faces in things

Seeing faces in inanimate objects is a common occurence.

Misstep mayhem Image

Misstep mayhem

Renovating your office this summer? Here are the top ten choices to avoid.

Working cats Image

Working cats

As the new graduates and school leavers are searching for their first jobs, we tracked down some unique opportunities… for cats.

Structurally sound? Image

Structurally sound?

Some homes are just riddled with bodge-jobs to keep them standing – quite literally.

Plates are no more Image

Plates are no more

Restaurants are getting initiative with their food presentation.

Accidental camouflage Image

Accidental camouflage

Not all camouflage is deliberate.

Artistic runner Image

Artistic runner

Running can get boring if you run the same route every day, so this inventive athlete has spiced it up a little – with the help of Strava.

Bizarre home design Image

Bizarre home design

People love to make a house their home with unique and personal design

Impractical design Image

Impractical design

Some designers just get it very, very wrong.

'Sleeveface' disguise Image

'Sleeveface' disguise

Swapping body parts with vinyl record sleeves causes some entertaining illusions.

Goat parkour Image

Goat parkour

Goats certainly aren't the brightest of animals...

Strange things spotted on the underground Image

Strange things spotted on the underground

Most people's commutes are the same, without much change.

Heatwave horrors and helpers Image

Heatwave horrors and helpers

The heatwave is hitting us all.

Second-hand discoveries Image

Second-hand discoveries

We all love a bargain, especially on a rare find.

Gentle giants Image

Gentle giants

Irish wolfhounds are known for their enormous size - intimidating from a distance but soft at heart.

Beach fails Image

Beach fails

Today we are expecting the hottest weather of the year so far, so we have dug up some #BeachFails to watch out for this summer.

Ten people who are probably having a worse Monday than you Image

Ten people who are probably having a worse Monday than you

Think yourself lucky that you don't have it as bad as these unfortunate folk.

Uncanny pet look-alikes Image

Uncanny pet look-alikes

Some owners are extraordinarily well-suited to their pets.

Not for human consumption Image

Not for human consumption

Some of these items might look delicious, but they are definitely inedible.

Lack of common sense Image

Lack of common sense

We all have forgetful moments, but some of these people found themselves lacking common sense.

Cats vs tech Image

Cats vs tech

Windows wizard or Google geek: We're not sure any of these feline creatures are a whizz when it comes to tech.

Dogs wearing signs Image

Dogs wearing signs

Whilst some dogs may seem innocent, many are mischievous at heart.

Funny pet owners Image

Funny pet owners

These owners have shared intriguing moments with their pets.

The art of wooden sculpting Image

The art of wooden sculpting

Using wood found on the beaches of Washington, this artist transforms them into creative components of animal sculptures.

Interesting comparisons Image

Interesting comparisons

These real-life comparisons may make you look at the world in a different way.

Animals caught on street view Image

Animals caught on street view

You can easily spend hours exploring the world on street view. It's not unheard of find an animal photobombing your view.

Vet signs Image

Vet signs

Taking your pets to the vets can be a stressful event, these vets tried humour to lighten the mood.

Mildly infuriating part two Image

Mildly infuriating part two

We all have at least one thing, that really gets on our nerves.

Frozen dinners Image

Frozen dinners

Frozen meals don’t always look the same as on the packaging…

Unlikely friends Image

Unlikely friends

Animals can form the most unusual of relationships.

Wedding fails Image

Wedding fails

Planning a wedding this summer? Here are thirteen things to watch out for…

Cats at work Image

Cats at work

Cats sure like to get their paws dirty when it comes to hard graft.

Super-natural pets Image

Super-natural pets

These dogs and cats have redefined the natural order of things.

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