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Birds with arms Image

Birds with arms

Have you not seen a bird with arms before?

Kids will be kids Image

Kids will be kids

There's no doubt that being a parent can be tough at times - but there are definitely times when it can make you laugh too.

Cats in business attire Image

Cats in business attire

They really do look the part - however we're not sure how they would perform in the boardroom.

That looks expensive Image

That looks expensive

It's the first day back after a scorcher of Easter bank holiday weekend and we are sure some are feeling the Monday blues - on a Tuesday. However, these people definitely have it worse...

An alternative selfie Image

An alternative selfie

Selfies are not a new phenomenon. Wherever you go people are taking them.

Perfect timing Image

Perfect timing

No-one expects the unexpected, but these people managed to catch it on camera.

Inventive and hilarious pet names Image

Inventive and hilarious pet names

Naming your pet can be a tough decision, but it does allow for a little more creativity than naming a child.

Dancing cats Image

Dancing cats

Cats are inquisitive for sure – but who knew they could dance?

Mad ads to make your head turn  Image

Mad ads to make your head turn

Some advertisements are smart and some advertisements are funny and some, well, they really make you wonder about the minds behind the marketing

Funny personalized number plates Image

Funny personalized number plates

These people have taken advantage of the tiny piece of advertising space on their car to make us laugh.

Ugly or innovative? Image

Ugly or innovative?

Some areas of Europe are notorious for their quirky buildings and odd taste in design.

Disastrous fashion choices Image

Disastrous fashion choices

We’re surprised these even made it off the production line.

Leaf art Image

Leaf art

Who knew that cutting holes in fallen leaves could look so artistic?

Makeup transformations Image

Makeup transformations

This makeup artist has used his own face as his canvas to create mind-boggling 3D optical illusions.

Beach discoveries Image

Beach discoveries

The oceans are vast and mysterious, chucking up all kinds of things onto beaches across the globe.

Animal panorama fails Image

Animal panorama fails

Smartphones mean that taking panoramic photos couldn’t be easier – but they don’t always go to plan.

Captured mid-air Image

Captured mid-air

Happy or sad, a dog shows true expressions, emotions and concentration when treats are around.

The best of April fools' pranks Image

The best of April fools' pranks

Pranking on 1 April has become an annual tradition across the world.

Making healthy food fun Image

Making healthy food fun

Being a parent, its always a difficult task to make sure the kids eat their greens.

Fixed through creativity Image

Fixed through creativity

These people fixed their cars with creativity instead of taking them to a garage.

From a different perspective Image

From a different perspective

Many of these unusual images require a second take before understanding what they actually show.

Real bees with fake top hats Image

Real bees with fake top hats

Nothing says spring more than the first sight of a bee.

A miniature world Image

A miniature world

This imaginative artist has created scenes from a tiny world where everything could happen.

Hilarious bathroom design fails Image

Hilarious bathroom design fails

Sometimes interior designers just don’t have any common sense.

The unseen side of life Image

The unseen side of life

There are many hidden secrets in life - just waiting to be discovered.

The art of spaghetti Image

The art of spaghetti

Who knew spaghetti could work so well in contemporary art.

Unusual eating habits Image

Unusual eating habits

These unusual combos may have you curious or running for the hills.

App of the month: Square Image

App of the month: Square

For the majority of businesses, making sales means the difference between success and failure.

Imaginative smartphone wallpapers Image

Imaginative smartphone wallpapers

The ‘hole-punch’ notch has become the latest innovation across many Android smartphones.

Cut in half Image

Cut in half

Cut an object in half and it reveals a unique, cross-sectional view.

Ten crazy facts that seem fake, but are actually true Image

Ten crazy facts that seem fake, but are actually true

Sounds made up? These strange facts definitely aren't!

Hotels from hell Image

Hotels from hell

Could a hotel stay get much worse?

The balance between reality and imagination Image

The balance between reality and imagination

Imagination is the key to keeping the mind entertained.

Dog snapchats to brighten up your Monday Image

Dog snapchats to brighten up your Monday

Beating the Monday blues can be tough - but we might have just the answer.

Online shopping regrets Image

Online shopping regrets

However convenient online shopping may be, you never really know exactly what your spending your money on.

Filling in the gaps Image

Filling in the gaps

This French artist and painter decided to think out of the box when it came to his latest collection of work.

Cat ladders Image

Cat ladders

There's a rather strange phenomenon taking hold in Switzerland.

Pancake creativity Image

Pancake creativity

Shrove Tuesday is here and that means pancakes!

Artist transforms everyday objects into

Artist transforms everyday objects into "something else"

This Russian artist, Tatiana Khlopkova, has transformed everyday objects into something else.

A modern-day genius Image

A modern-day genius

These genius ideas could be the key to fixing many day-to-day struggles.

The place we call home Image

The place we call home

What would your dream home look like? Surely not like this...

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