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VIDEO: Sir Ed Davey visits Gloucester

The media was out in force in Gloucester this morning when Lib Dem leader Sir Ed Davey visited the city.

Sir Ed met with local councillors and supporters at Hillfield Gardens, Kingsholm, and spoke of a 'once in a generation' election.

Sir Ed said: "People have been working really hard in Gloucester. I think now's our moment. to build on those solid foundations.over a number of years. Because this election on May 2 and the general election whenever it comes is going to be one of those elections that we rarely see - it will be a once in a generation election because the Conservative vote is collapsing.

"People are fed up with the Conservatives and they can't even agree amongst themselves. They are a divided party, they are incapable of leading the country and they are incapable of leading Gloucester and people are looking for an alternative."

Sir Ed said the Lib Dems wanted to give more power to local communities and tackle such issues as environmental problems like sewage, get more GPs and take the pressure off hospitals.

"We've got some really exciting ideas about how we can help people," he added. "That's what this election is about and ihere in Gloucester it's a two-horse race between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives. People don't feel that Labour has got the answers."

He told supporters: "The more leaflets we can get through the doors, the more doors you knock on the more people you can get the message to, the more likely we are to have a fantastic result here in Gloucester."

Speaking exclusively to, Sir Ed spoke of how he felt the Lib Dems would turn around the local economy.

He said: "I think the business community in Gloucester and elsewhere just doesn't feel listened to by the Conservatives who have really messed up our economy in a profound way.

"Gloucester is a wonderful city but I'm disappointed to see closed pubs and closed shops and not the thriving high street as it used to be. The Conservatives haven't given attention to the local economy.

"Get the Liberal Democrats in Gloucester and the business community will be listened to and there will be a real partnership to try and turn things around."

Sir Ed also spoke about how the Lib Dems would turn around environmental problems such as sewage being pumped into rivers and onto beaches which the Tories have neglected.

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