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Plans submitted to build zero carbon homes in Gloucester

Barnwood-based housebuilder Newland Homes has submitted a planning application to build three carbon zero homes in the village of Hempsted, in Gloucester.

The homes, which will be off Hempsted Lane, will be amongst the first in the county to hold such a rating and the site has been carefully planned so that the homes are positioned in a way which, together with high levels of insulation, makes the best use of solar energy and photovoltaic panels.

Green roofs, highly efficient non fossil fuel heating systems and ventilation all contribute to these homes achieving a zero carbon standard.

Beyond the efficiency of the homes themselves, sunken elements on the north side of the homes will retain views and also reduce the buildings mass.

Residents will also benefit from electric car charging points and vegetable gardens to help reduce carbon emissions as part of daily life.

A sustainable drainage system is proposed to control surface water run-off which allows for future weather changes due to climate change. Surface water will be controlled by a combination of evaporation, soil infiltration and uptake from planting.

Shows proposed sustainability diagram for zero carbon homes

Along with most local authorities, Gloucestershire County Council and Gloucester City Council both last year declared a 'Climate Emergency'.

With the goal to achieve the status of being carbon neutral by 2050, combined with nearly one third of Gloucestershire's carbon emissions coming from homes, Newland Homes believes that its application supports and reflects local ambitions.

Jeremy Drew, design director for Newland Homes, said: "The UK is legally committed to 80 per cent cut in carbon emissions by 2050, so by reducing - and even eliminating - carbon waste from homes we can each make a positive impact to achieve this.

"Producing homes that are as sustainable as possible is a key concern for us. Government Construction Regulation changes are slow to emerge, and when they do usually leave a lot of wriggle room that enable developers to meet the changes without really changing their ways. Nevertheless, at Newland Homes we have already decided that many of our sites will not have carbon generating gas boilers. We fit highly efficient Air Source Heat Pumps, and a generous array of high efficiency solar panels.

Sketch of proposed zero carbon homes

"We believe that if we are to achieve being carbon neutral by 2050 we must demonstrate that housing developers can rise to the challenge of zero carbon.

"Our three architect-designed homes at Hempsted, which are taking the next steps in efficiency and sustainability, will not only help to give us the knowledge and experience of developing the homes of the future, but it enables planning authorities to use us as an example to say 'yes it can be done by speculative developers, and not just one-off plots'.

"We hope that these homes will open the way to more, and better, developer-built new homes that minimise harmful greenhouse gas emissions."

To view the plans and provide feedback, visit

For more information on Newland Homes, visit

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