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Mosque throws open its doors to residents

The Muslim community of Gloucester is pleased to welcome fellow Gloucestershire residents to visit their local mosque next month.

The Mosque Open Day takes place at the Ryecroft Street building on Sunday, March 3, from 10am to 11.30am.

The open event will give the visiting public a guided tour of the mosque and provide more understanding of the faith and its values.

There will be an opportunity to meet local imams of the community and take part in activities.

Light refreshments will be provided.

There is no need to book via our website, just turn up on the day. There are limited car parking spaces so please share a car.

When Punchline visited the mosque back in 2016, we described it as "a 21st century mosque for 21st century Muslims".

Our article said: "Whether praying five times a day, celebrating Eid or attending a wedding, Gloucester's mosque on Ryecroft Street is the cornerstone of the Muslim faith here in the county."

The mosque holds prayers five times a day, with a bigger prayer service on a Friday. It is the venue for Muslim weddings and funerals and holds evening schools for children Monday to Friday. It offers a counselling service and also hosts several visits a week from schools across the region.

But you don't have to attend the mosque to pray. The mosque makes the most of 21st century technology to help Gloucester's Muslims practise their faith wherever they are.

From digital screens inside the building giving exact prayer times, to apps with prayer times and which help people face Mecca, to a speaker system which means people can hear the prayers in their own homes, it has never been easier for Muslims to follow their faith.

The mosque has a good relationship with the business community and most Muslim business people work hard to improve the economy of Gloucester.

The mosque helps the wheels of business in the city turn by working to break down barriers between communities - starting with the children.

Hassan is the Imam at the mosque, and leads the prayers. He said: "Different faiths need to meet each other to do more business. We do a lot of work with schools and the community.

"Muslim children and volunteers visit the cathedral, and their volunteers and congregation visit the mosque. It's important to break down barriers and build good, positive community cohesion.

"We can help the city morally, socially and financially by working together as one."

For more information on the open day, visit 

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