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Morrisons says no to ‘fake farm’ brands

Morrisons has vowed not to stock brands which use the names of fake farms to sell goods to shoppers, in a move to support real farmers across the UK.

A survey carried out by the retailer revealed that 70 per cent of people objected to the use of fake farm brands, as reported by Retail Gazette . As a result, Morrisons has pledged to drop any products which use fictitious farm or place names on any branding or packaging.

It has become common practise among supermarkets to use these fake farm names. Last year, Tesco launched seven brands with British-sounding farm names, including Woodside Farms and Boswell Farms, despite importing a portion of the goods from overseas.

The National Farmers Union and the Soil Association condemned the practise as both misleading to consumers and insulting to British farmers.

Morrisons' survey also revealed that 46 per cent of respondents had never met a farmer, and a further 52 per cent didn't know how their food was grown.

Here at Punchline, we say making customers believe their food has come from specific British farms is misleading, verging on fraudulent. For too long the supermarkets and the advertising agencies they work with have sailed too close to the wind. Well done to Morrisons for taking this stand. Now the other supermarkets need to follow suit as soon as possible.

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