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Mechanic punched by customer

A 23-year-old Gloucester man who was dissatisfied with a mechanic's work on his car burst into his workshop 'mob-handed' and punched him in the face, fracturing his cheekbone, a court heard on Tuesday (September 12).

At Gloucester Crown Court Callum Cornock, of Manu Marble Way, Tuffley, Gloucester, admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm on mechanic Jon Goodfield on March 14, 2022, and was ordered to pay him compensation of £3,000.

Prosecutor Charlotte Evans told the Court that Mr Goodfield, who was employed at a car workshop in Bonnie's Lane, St Oswald's, Gloucester, had agreed to replace the engine of Cornock's Audi A3.

"However, when Cornock drove away in the vehicle he was not satisfied in its performance and complained to Mr Goodfield who said he would work on it in his free time because he felt responsible for the poor performance," the prosecutor said.

"On March 14, 2022 Cornock went to Goodfield's place of work at 8.30pm and in the company of two other men, he forced the door open and punched the mechanic hard in the face.

"Mr Goodfield landed on his left side and felt he had suffered from fractured ribs. He felt he was outnumbered and believed he may have been hit a number of times. Cornock demanded that the car should be returned.

"Mr Goodfield's brother was also in the workshop but he didn't see the assault and only heard one punch being delivered. He called the police, who attended within minutes and arrested Cornock."

The court heard that Mr Goodfield was taken to hospital and was found to have a fracture to his right cheek bone as well as swelling and bruising to his eye socket and tenderness to his ribs.

In a victim statement Mr Goodfield said: "The assault has had an emotional impact on me. I used to help my friends when they needed support. I thought Cornock was a friend.

"The incident has also had a big financial impact on me because I couldn't work for weeks afterwards."

Ieuan Callaghan, defending, said Cornock admitted to landing just one punch on his victim. The barrister suggested that Cornock would benefit from a suspended sentence order - and Judge Rupert Lowe agreed.

The judge told Cornock: "You're a big bloke and when you get angry and punch somebody in the face you break their bones. If I ever see you again in these courts for assault, I shall not hesitate in sending you immediately to prison for a considerable length of time.

"You've got a violent streak, which manifested itself when you were a youth and has reappeared now. I don't much care what your argument was with the mechanic - there are other ways to sort out disputes.

"But you decided to go round, mob-handed, to his place of work and thump him. And for that you deserve to be sent to prison. You felt that Mr Goodfield was too slow for your liking in replacing your Audi's engine, despite saying he would fix it in his free time.

"You got annoyed with the whole situation. You have got to realise that life is other people being awkward. If you can't cope with it you will most likely spent time in prison. If you can't deal with situations like this, then we'll take you off the streets.

"I am sentencing you to a six-month prison term, suspended for 12 months and this is only because I have read some good things about you. I am giving you a chance to stay out of trouble and don't allow yourself to do this again."

The judge also ordered Cornock to do 100 hours of unpaid work and to pay £3,000 compensation to Mr Goodfield, court costs of £425 and a mandatory surcharge.

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