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Making the most of your office lunch hour

How do you spend your office lunch hour? More to the point, do you even get a significant lunch break where you work?

Heading to the gym, doing your online grocery shop or just taking a stroll in the fresh air are just some of the thing you could do during your lunch hour if you've got the time.

Doing something relaxing or productive is much better than just remaining at your desk with a sandwich and a cup of coffee.

According to the team at, who have looked at the most productive ways to spend the free hour in the middle of the day, the average worker should have five hours' worth of breaks during the week and around 240 over the course of the year.

And it turns out we're becoming a nation of fitness fans, as working out is one of the most popular ways to spend the hour-long break, leaving you mentally prepared and ready for the afternoon.

Taking a power nap is a great idea if you've had a busy morning, as is picking up a book and indulging your passion for reading or taking a walk if the weather's fine to blow away those cobwebs.

Chris Meredith, from said: "The lunch hour is there for a reason and it is important for employees to take a proper break. There will always be occasions when that break won't happen, but just taking 30 minutes away from your desk will help you feel refreshed for the afternoon.

"An hour doesn't sound like a huge amount of time but it's surprising just what you can get done, from run of the mill errands that you normally save up for the weekend to spending an hour power walking to make you more productive when you sit back down at your desk."

Ideas for your lunch break could include:

Workout: join a local gym for a 20-minute high intensity workout or try a 30-minute power walk around a nearby park.

Read a book: now's the time to catch up on your reading. Try some pages of a literary classic or some contemporary fiction either on a bench in the park or, if it's raining or cold, in your local library.

Pamper hour: fit in a manicure, massage, blow-dry or facial for an indulgent treat and head back to the office feeling totally relaxed.

Eat with a friend: combine your lunch with a chance to chew the fat with a good friend at a local café or coffee shop.

Make plans: use the time to book a holiday, arrange to see friends, go away with family or book tickets to the theatre. It's one more thing to tick off your to-do list.

Walk and explore: take a stroll round a museum or art gallery, take in a church or explore the back streets to find hidden gems.

Run errands: pay your bills, do your online grocery shop, book your car in for an MOT - these errands all take time, but can easily be squeezed into your lunch hour leaving you more time to relax at the weekend.

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