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10-year-old’s hit business start-up – and how you can help

If you are one of those who has doubts about our future generations here is a story to make you realise we could be in very safe hands indeed.

Inspired by an initiative at her primary school to encourage entrepreneurial spirit a 10-year-old schoolgirl from Gloucestershire decided to make a difference - and then some.

After the initial success of a challenge set by her teacher at Berkhampstead School, Cheltenham, to turn £5 into profit (her and her 'business partner' gave the entire £65 to charity), Lorien Sherborne had an idea.

Why not use her new-found business acumen to generate some money for another school, for children and young people with special needs, which is very close to her heart?

"I wanted to do more, I just needed to find an idea which would work," said Lorien. "I was walking around the garden and it came to me - why not sell the herbs we grow.

"So, I got some bags, packaged them up and went off around the village selling them. Everyone I called on either bought some, or gave me at least a £1."

Explaining why she chose to raise funds she said: "I have a brother, Sam, who has Angelman syndrome. Bettridge School has helped him a lot - with his walking, his communicating, his personal health. They are so good. I think they have changed his life.

"I was thinking 'how can I help them?'. He has been going there a number of years and I don't know how much longer he will be there as he is getting older, but I did not just want to say 'goodbye'."

With a sales pitch like that, an ability to communicate beyond her years, no little charm, and a tempting product to boot, word quickly spread of her venture and as others shared her story on social media more money began to be pledged.

"I think it has raised £690 so far, which is a real surprise. My school and lots of other people have helped me a lot and people have been really generous.

"I have decided to try and get to £1,000 - then I will give all the money to the school and hopefully it will help others too."

She is now hoping people will come forward with donations of £5 or more to push the total to the magic figure (see below for a link to her Just Giving page).

Crediting everyone except herself, it is difficult to resist being won-over by her drive.

Gill Agg, deputy head at Berkhampstead School, wants to set the record straight on one thing though. The credit is all Lorien's.

"School is not just about academic education - it is about a broad education. One of our initiatives is the £5 challenge.

"We have had lots of children doing amazing things. Lorien's initiative might have been inspired by the challenge, but it is all her own work and she should get all the credit for that."

Liz Sherborne, Lorien's mother, said the money would be especially welcome at the moment at the school.

"The funding crisis in special needs education is no secret - it has been on the national news. But I think she just wanted to help," she said.

Darren Sherborne, Lorien's father, said: "We are proud of her. Proud because she decided to get up and do something, and proud of her because she recognises the hard work and effort other people put in to make a difference to the lives of others."

To help Lorien reach her £1,000 target visit her JustGiving  page.

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