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Supermarket deals for food firm's vegan fare

A savvy food producer from Gloucestershire has used the boom in vegan food to gain listings with "major supermarkets" for its latest products.

According to the Vegan Society the UK meat-free market is estimated to grow from £559m in 2016 to £658m in 2021, which helps explain why a particular Stroud-base producer is keen to get its toe in the door early.

Kitchen Garden's Wolfys Porridge has established itself as a hit for the company already - its new vegan range aims to build on that success in a market influenced by our changing attitudes towards food and health.

James Horwood, commercial director and joint owner, said: "We're really pleased to strike an immediate success with the new vegan porridges as they have just been listed in Waitrose with Co-Op and Ocado soon to follow. Not to mention a whole load of indie outlets.

"The vegan food and drink trend is growing at a phenomenal rate as consumers become more conscious of animal welfare and environmental issues surrounding consumption of meat.

"Our company saw another record year for growth this year thanks to Wolfys and it's a really exciting time for our Gloucestershire based business."

Founded in 1989, Kitchen Garden now employs about 20 staff at its Salmon springs headquarters, has received almost 100 awards and supplied over 500 outlets across all of the UK and overseas.

All of its products are made by hand, in small batches, using only natural ingredients.

James Moinet, operations Direct and joint owner, said: "We're delighted with the three new vegan flavours we've developed. They're made with rolled oats, soy milk powder and a little pot of jam.

"We've managed to source an incredibly delicious soy milk powder - so delicious that I'm confident you wouldn't even tell they're vegan."

The three flavours are strawberries and cream, lemon and poppy seed and rhubarb and ginger.

James Horwood, commercial director and joint owner, said: "Our core range of Wolfys has been an overwhelming success for us since its conception five years ago with listings in Waitrose, Co-op, Ocado, Great Western Railway and hundreds of independent outlets.

"It's enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people every year and we're always being asked for a vegan version of the famous creamy porridge pots."

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