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Homeless charity looking for link with Gloucestershire business to celebrate their 30th birthday

A Gloucestershire -based homeless charity is celebrating its 30th birthday by calling on businesses to support its work to address the local housing crisis.

The Cheltenham Housing Aid Centre, based on Prestbury Road, has ben working tirelessly since 1989, providing free housing advice and support services to people in the town.

The charity is looking for a corporate partner to work alongside during its 30th anniversary year to help with the fundraising activities and promotions.

After recent reports that one homeless person dies, on average, every 19 hours and the prime minister addressed the country's wider housing crisis, support has never been more crucial.

Cheltenham Housing Aid Centre has been working tirelessly to stop this for thirty years by providing free housing advice and support, in particular those with drug, alcohol or mental health issues.

With a dedicated team comprising paid staff, volunteers and fully qualified advisers, CHAC helps with matters relating to housing, benefits and money skills.

Help is offered to anyone who is homeless; in supported housing; staying with friends or family; in a council, housing association or private rental property.

Currently, the charity operates two main projects: Doorway and Neptune.

The Doorway Project supports adults with current or historic drug or alcohol issues looking to live in Cheltenham.

The Neptune Project supports adults with mental health issues, helping them find accommodation, prevent the loss of their home and assisting with other essential household items.

The charity helps in numerous ways: From providing representation at supported housing allocation panels to challenging waiting list decisions and negotiating with landlords and for housing benefit decisions.

One client, James, came to the charity with a history of alcohol misuse and having being given notice by his landlord to effectively make him homeless.

CHAC assisted him initially with making a homeless application to the local authority.

Then, once housed , completed a referral to Community Based Support to help him set up utilities and a budgeting plan, and applied to a number of charities to help him get.

James is now doing well in his new home and doing voluntary work, before aiming to start work once he has recovered from a heart operation.

Chair of Trustees, Gerald Ford, said: "Over the past three decades our dedicated team has helped thousands of people and families - from rough sleepers and young people to those with debt and addiction or mental health issues - resolve their housing issues and ultimately improve their quality of life.

"The hard work and dedication of our team is truly admirable and we hope they can continue to help people like James with support of the wider community.

"We are asking for Gloucestershire businesses to choose to support CHAC with their fundraising efforts this year.

"Not only to help their local community, but to help these real people, with real issues, avoid becoming another statistic."

Local businesses looking for a corporate partner in 2019 can help Cheltenham Housing Aid Centre during its 30th anniversary year, through their fundraising activities and promotions, by contacting Mel Jones on 07771988432.

For more information on the Cheltenham Housing Aid Centre visit or email

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