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Gloucester man harassed patients and staff at hospital

A man who has repeatedly harassed patients and staff at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital through intimidation and violence has been served with an Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction (ASBI).

Julian Abbott, aged 45 and of Gloucester, has also been involved in numerous incidents of street drinking and public order offences, as well as using violence against security officers in Gloucester Quays and police officers.

The case was brought against Abbott by Solace, a joint team of officers from Gloucestershire Constabulary, Cheltenham Borough Council and Gloucester City Council.

Matt Roberts, officer at Solace said: "Abbott has caused problems at the hospital and in the city for some time. He would attend A&E, intoxicated with alcohol, harassing members of the public waiting to receive treatment, and when his behaviour was challenged would become aggressive and threatening towards staff.

"Our hope is that this injunction will curtail Abbott's conduct, and in doing so, will offer our hard-working NHS staff some respite from his unacceptable actions."

Sergeant Andrew Doyle of the Gloucester Neighbourhood Policing Team said: "Despite efforts to support and prevent repeat behaviour, Abbott has continued to cause problems for businesses and visitors to the city.

"We work closely with our partners Solace and City Safe to ensure that action is taken to target individuals involved in anti-social behaviour and ensure our community feels safe."

Steve Lindsay, manager at Gloucester City Safe said: "Abbott has become a real problem for retailers and visitors to our city. Abbott has been offered support and has not engaged and now his shoplifting offences and his violent drunken behaviour is getting out of control, so this outcome is fully welcomed by the business community and visitors to our city."

The civil injunction order imposed by the courts forbids Abbott (whether by himself or by instructing or encouraging or permitting any other person) from:

1. Engaging in conduct which causes or is capable of causing alarm or harassment or distress to any person within Gloucester;

2. Using or threatening to use violence towards any person within Gloucester;

3. Using or threatening to use violence against any member of NHS staff;

4. Using or threatening to use violence against any emergency worker.

The court further ordered that a power of arrest is attached to all paragraphs of the order, which remains in force until August 22, 2024.

Anyone witnessing Abbott breaching his ASBI are asked to contact the police through the website.

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