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Forever Better - Gillman's extend partnership with leading German brand Miele

When Gillman's started selling domestic appliances to the people of Gloucester back in 1969, one of the first brands they went into partnership with was Miele.

The Gloucester institution celebrate their 50thanniversary during 2019 and have relaunched their Miele centre to celebrate the occasion.

A world-leading brand, Miele was founded in Germany as far back as the 1800s. Now they supply the full range of domestic appliances under the mantra 'Immer Besser' - German for forever better.

It's that commitment to the quality of its products that make them one of the most popular on sale at Gillman's St Oswald's store and showroom.

As with a number of other of their best-selling brands,Gillman's have created a 'see-touch-buy' section of their showroom dedicated to Miele products where they can be seen at work.

Managing Director of Gillman's, Robert Gillman, said: "we were the first independent store in the country to have a Miele showroom, outside of their head office.

"They wanted us to be their showroom for the south west region and it's worked well for us both.

"It has live, working appliances in it. The dishwashers,washing machines and ovens are working.

"So, if you want to bring your socks in to wash them, or the dirty dishes to wash, or even want to bake a cake in a working oven, you can."

Miele make no secret that their selling point is the 'premium' quality and durability of their products.

That does mean a slightly higher price for their products,but Mr Gillman is certain they provide better value in the long run.

"It's a premium German brand and they live up to that'immer besser' promise," he said. "Without doubt you pay for the quality.

"They are a family-owned business in the same way we are, and we have a partnership with them that is longlasting.

"We don't only sell their appliances we install and offer their aftercare for them. We are the one-stop shop for Miele, and that's what the manufacturer like about us."

Gillman's stock a wide-range of Miele products, from vacuum cleaners and ovens to washing machines and dishwashers.

"The vacuum cleaner is often the entry point into the household we often steer customers to buying Miele," Mr Gillman said.

"It gives them an introduction into the brand and the quality of the product and more often than not they get converted to Miele.

"I recommend their washing machines, without a doubt. They have a different way of producing their drums from stainless steel that means they are more durable as they don't flex as much.

"If you have a coin left in your pocket, or a nail that gets left in your work overalls, the drum won't get punctured like some of the plastic ones can. They are a lot more robust.

"They have a full range of dishwashers too, all with technological improvements that make them stand out and a wide range of refrigeration products too.

"Miele have just launched Generation 7000. This is a completely new oven range featuring new technology.These are installed in our new Miele centre display so customers can see-touch-buy."

As with countless other products and manufacturers within their wide range on sale, Gillman's have staff who have been specifically trained on the Miele range to give an expert view.

"Our Miele centre display area has a product specialist, Stewart Burridge," Mr Gillman added.

"Stewart has working with Gillman's and Miele for more than eight years. His knowledge and passion for Miele is unbeatable.

"We have other members of staff who have been fully-trained on the appliances as well, who have been with us even longer.

"All of our staff are cross-trained so they know all the products, but every section of the shop has their top specialist who is dedicated to that product.

"The secret of our success is great staff, great products and great prices"

For more information visit or call 01452 528776

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