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David Drew MP looks back on his first year back as Stroud’s MP

It's one year since Stroud's dramatic election night which saw David Drew MP return to the House of Commons as Stroud's Labour MP.

Since being elected a year ago, David has spoken in 110 parliamentary debates, and asked 573 written parliamentary questions and his case-working team has helped over 800 people living in Stroud.

In his 'End of Year report' published on his website today, David has detailed some of his work over the last year.

David was returned to parliament to represent Stroud constituency for Labour on 8 June 2017, overturning his Conservative predecessor Neil Carmichael's 5,000 majority.

On the first anniversary, memories of the election campaign are still fresh.

"It is a year which has flown by," said David.

"I am now dividing my week between Westminster and spending time in the Stroud constituency. The year has been busy and challenging, but also rewarding.

"I have very much enjoyed spending time in the constituency, whether that's visiting schools, social events or businesses. Spending time with people in Stroud, finding out more about the issues they face, and raising their concerns in parliament remains the most rewarding part of my role.

"The lack of affordable housing has been a key concern, and around 20% of the case-work concerns housing. I am campaigning for more council housing to be built as a key way to increase housing provision.

"I am also increasingly concerned about the impact of Universal Credit, the under-funding of schools and cuts to NHS which is affecting health provision, and particularly mental health."

David is Shadow Minister for the environment, food and rural affairs, and has been working to develop a post-Brexit farming policy which protects wildlife, and preserves our high quality food standards. He is also focusing on environmental issues, such as looking at the air quality impact of incinerators, working to reduce waste, and finding an alternative to the ineffective badger cull.

David was previously Labour MP for Stroud from 1997 to 2010.

"There have been many changes since I last represented Stroud, not least the dramatic increase in casework with more people approaching me and my team for help as the effects of austerity start to bite," said David.

"There is much that is deeply concerning, but I continue to be inspired by the diversity and vitality of Stroud district and it remains a huge privilege to represent the people of the towns, villages, valleys and vale."

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