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Cheltenham dental practice wins industry award

Leckhampton-based Arnica Dental Care has won "Best Treatment of Nervous Patients" at the Private Dentistry Awards 2021 for the second year running.

The Private Dentistry Awards is a prominent and well-respected dental awards ceremony in the UK and Ireland and their aim is to recognise outstanding dentistry carried out by teams and individuals.

Arnica Dental Care said it has spent years developing techniques and approaches to minimise anxiety for nervous and dental phobic patients. It believes the award is once again proof that they are getting it right, having also twice previously been a finalist.

Nervousness, anxiety or dental phobia are relatively common. Recent studies have suggested that 11 per cent of the population suffer from such from this issue and as a consequence are only receiving very basic dental care, or worse, not receiving any at all. A survey published in 2018 found that only approximately 60 per cent of 0-17-year-olds visited an NHS dentist during the preceding year. That suggests a worrying proportion of children not receiving check-ups, treatments they may need, and also not learning how to better maintain oral health.

The most common causes of dental problems are lifestyle-related and so preventable. But when people avoid going to the dentist they are more likely to need more complex treatment when they do finally visit. For this reason, people with dental phobia are likely to present with more advanced problems and dental disease. Unfortunately, this greater need for complex treatment or even emergency care can make anxiety worse, feeding the problem and leading to a vicious cycle.

The challenge for dental practices is to find approaches to reduce this anxiety, to help patients be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Patients who are dental phobic are shown by studies to be more negative about dental treatment they receive. The issues cited often being dentists' ability to explain the reasons behind their dental care, listening to their concerns, paying full attention to their needs and treating them with respect and dignity.

This is still a problem that dental practices need to address. In the UK there are currently 1,680 searches on Google every month about dental phobia and looking for dentists for nervous patients and this represents just a fraction of the people who are affected.

Arnica Dental Care said it has "gentle dentistry" right at the heart of its practice and is continually developing its expertise in helping patients reduce their anxiety, to feel relaxed and comfortable enough accessing whatever kind of dental treatment they need. It claims to have more than 200 other dentists referring nervous, anxious and dental-phobic patients to Arnica for treatment that is best completed using sedation and gentle dentistry.

The whole team at Arnica also undergo special training for treating nervous patients and it has been investing in technology that makes dentistry easier and more comfortable for patients.

Dr Ellie Ledger, principal dentist at Arnica, said: "To win once was very special for us, as helping nervous patients access the dental treatment they need is our most worthwhile aim. We never stop finding ways to help even the most phobic patients get dental care to maintain excellent oral health and wellbeing.

"To win a second time is such a credit to my team and their dedication to maintaining Arnica's position as a Centre of Excellence for treating nervous and dental phobic patients."

For more information, please visit, call 01242 655554 or email

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