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Celebrate Prestbury businesses this Saturday

Prestbury, the busy village on the Cotswolds side of Cheltenham, is launching its first official business open day this weekend.

It will join the increasing number of towns and villages county-wide which are doing their bit to shout about what they have to offer, no doubt spurred on by the online market place which has encroached just about everywhere.

In Prestbury the initiative is seeking to remind people, as even the most shopping averse of us prepare to break out the bag for life and start our Christmas lists, that there are some brilliant, interesting, welcoming businesses out there.

And 'yes', they actually have real people in them who you can talk to - for those who have found the pleasure draining from their lives at the thought of a chat bot conversation.

Not only that, there are also community groups, churches and more that help make such places the vibrant communities they are. Yes, there is still a whole world out there away from our phone screens.

Hamish Breach, of Prestbury Parish Council, explains why the most local of authorities has teamed up with business: "Celebrating Prestbury is an open day event designed to showcase all that we have to offer in Prestbury.

"There is so much going in the village every day, come down to the High Street on Saturday afternoon and take a look — I guarantee you'll find something exciting."

Although just to be clear, while the timing is on the eve of one of the most important retail periods of the year, this is not a Christmas promotion - it is about raising the profile of Prestbury, its businesses and bustling community.

From butchers, beauticians, estate agents, pubs and restaurants, community groups, barbers and St Mary's and St Nicolas Churches, the open day will embrace as many aspects of Prestbury as it can.

Its official statement, which can be seen in a specially printed brochure - also available as a pdf on the parish council's website (or here is you want to jump right there) - says: "Prestbury Parish Council looks forward to inviting you, the residents of the Parish of Prestbury, to an open day on the afternoon of Saturday November 30th, to showcase the fantastic local businesses and organisations that are to be found within our community on the High Street and immediate surrounding area."

Nic Veale at Waghornes Butchers. "It's great to see the parish council and local community coming together to celebrate and promote all the great independent business we have here in Prestbury."

Darren Stevens, of Prestbury Marketing, which lent its time to helping get the event together, said: "This is a brilliant pro-active initiative by Prestbury Parish Council designed to highlight and support Prestbury Businesses following the closure in the summer of the Post Office/Newsagents."

We could keep telling you about it, but the best way to find out more is to get on out to Prestbury on Saturday and take a look for yourself.

Also involved is The King's Arms, Jane & Company, Move property and lettings, Leigh's Hair For Men, Prestbury Women's Institute, Rowlands Pharmacy, The Plough Pub, The Royal Oak, Waghornes Butchers, Illuminate Aesthetics and Skin Clinic, Budgens village store, Burgage Stores, GH counselling, James Roberts Hairdressing & barber studio, Prestbury Local History Society, Towlands Pharmacy with the support of nearby Ellenborough Park and Obsidian, the Cheltenham luxury bathroom brand.

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