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Caring business organisation wins award

The county's economic partnership GFirst LEP has won an award for the support it provides to staff members in dealing with health and wellbeing issues.

It has received The Workplace Wellbeing Charter Award for the help it gives in areas such as mental health, stress, healthy eating and physical activity.

GFirst LEP says it takes mental health at work seriously and is constantly raising awareness, to ensure there is no stigma in the workplace. The organisation's chief executive David Owen sent a clear message to staff that mental health matters and being open about it will lead to support, not discrimination, and will be treated the same way as physical health.

Staff receive regular one-to-one meetings with their manager and are encouraged to be honest on how they are getting on and how they are feeling.

GFirst LEP's office manager, Lynn Stacey, is very passionate about mental health and attended mental health first aid training. On her return she arranged mental health awareness training for all staff.

Staff also get regular email updates with what's new in mental health with useful links to local and national campaigns.

GFirst LEP also has its own mental health policy, which includes an environment that supports and encourages good mental health. A key element is for staff to feel comfortable to disclose any mental health problems they may have or are developing in a confidential manner and provide appropriate support.

As well as The Workplace Wellbeing Charter Award, GFirst LEP has also received an "excellence" rating for its attendance management. Staff recently took part in a walking football match, which was not only fun, but also part of the physical activity awareness.

Pictured: David Owen and Lynn Stacey with the Workplace Wellbeing Charter Award

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