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Adam Henson unveils wildflower seeds

Gloucestershire's Adam Henson has launched a range of British wildflower seeds.

The seeds are the first product line from the TV presenter and owner of Cotswold Farm Park's new online store, Wildscape.

The collection is aimed at transforming landscapes into thriving havens for biodiversity, no matter the size of the space. Developed in collaboration with leading experts in ecology and sustainable agriculture, Wildscape promises to create beautiful spaces and essential habitats to foster biodiversity.

The range was inspired by the wildflower varieties grown on his farm and on site at Cotswold Farm Park.

Adam Henson said: "I believe everyone should consider growing wildflowers, not only are they beautiful native British blooms, but they also support local biodiversity. No matter if it's a small pot in an urban setting or large garden, wildflowers create a mini ecosystem right outside your window, attracting a variety of birds, insects and other delightful creatures.

"Many organisations, including our farm, work tirelessly to promote the planting of wildflower meadows and the restoration of habitats to ensure the continued presence of these botanical gems in the British summer. Embarking on a journey with UK wildflowers isn't just about supporting nature, it's also about transforming your own space into a haven of beauty and wellbeing."

Wildscape seeds include a diverse selection of native wildflowers and are currently available in five British mixes including Pollinator Paradise, Wetland Wonder and Marvellous Meadow.

A percentage of proceeds from online sales of the seeds will help to support Adam's habitat restoration projects, rare breed conservation programmes and other initiatives aimed at preserving natural heritage at Cotswold Farm Park.

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