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Worn out

It's almost the end of another week and some of us are feeling a little worn out.

These objects have faced the test of time and look remarkably changed for it.

1# Good boy spotted

Credit: Reddit 

2# Heavy metal sign

Credit: Reddit 

3# Dog spot

Credit: Reddit 

4# Censorship

Credit: Reddit 

5# Weight journey

Credit: Reddit

6# Sunburnt grass

Credit: Reddit  

7# Knifes are swords

Credit: Reddit 

8# Skeletal shoes (look closely)

Credit: Reddit 

9# 60 year old carpet uncovered

Credit: Reddit  

10# Takeaway line

Credit: Reddit 

11# Long distance driver

Credit: Reddit 

12# Pawprints on the carpet

Credit: Reddit 

13# Buffer seat

Credit: Reddit 

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