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Worn down

After six months of lockdown, we are all a little weary.

1# Replace your tires

This tire reads "replace tire" when it gets worn down from r/mildlyinteresting

Credit: Reddit  

2# 700 years of rain

Stone on this Italian castle being completely worn down by 700 years of rainfall dripping off the roof onto the exact same spot from r/mildlyinteresting

Credit: Reddit  

3# Old Pacman screen

This old screen has Pac-man burnt into it from r/mildlyinteresting

Credit: Reddit  

4# Thermos

Stanley Thermos used every day from 1970 to 2018 from r/BuyItForLife

Credit: Reddit  

5# Heavy metal sign

This weathered target sign looks like a heavy metal band logo from r/mildlyinteresting

Credit: Reddit  

6# Paint rings

Cross section of our Painter’s 1-year old stir stick from r/mildlyinteresting

Credit: Reddit 

7# Popular shop

This door has worn away from 50 or so years of being hit by a bell when opened from r/interestingasfuck

Credit: Reddit 

8# Lion peel

The paint peeling on this building kind of looks like the head of a lion. from r/mildlyinteresting

Credit: Reddit 

9# Guess the code

Super secure! from r/facepalm

Credit: Reddit  

10# Consuming

This tree swallowing a trespassing sign. from r/mildlyinteresting

Credit: Reddit  

11# 3-year-old pumpkin

We still have this small pumpkin my wife carved 3 years ago. from r/pics

Credit: Reddit  

12# Shrunken shoe

This shoe was left in the window for 2 months & it shrunk from r/interestingasfuck

Credit: Reddit 

13# Creating your own path

i ran the same hill sprint enough times over quarantine to create my own path! from r/mildlyinteresting

Credit: Reddit  

14# Tape

Paper under the tape is as new as the day it went up but paper out of the tape has faded to yellow from r/mildlyinteresting

Credit: Reddit  

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