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Punchline Christmas Wordsearch: Top 10 super Simons in Gloucestershire

Our editor Mark Owen raided his little red book of contacts for Gloucestershire's top ten super Simons.

Look for the nine surnames above in the wordsearch. Each of these are a 'Simon' from a Gloucestershire business.

Click the individual letters to complete a word. Once you are satisfied that you have found them all, answer the question below.

Which one is missing from the wordsearch?

Simon Firkins - managing director of SF Planning.

Simon Ford - CEO at Allstones / Speedy Skips.

Simon Gardner - sales manager at Lister Unified Communications.

Simon Hewer - managing director of Hewer FM Ltd.

Simon Tothill - property development director at Robert Hitchins.

Simon Carey - managing director of Barnwood Construction.

Simon Grontenz - managing director of G-Fitness.

Simon Payne - managing director of Into Cleaning.

Simon McKeag - partner in charge of agency at Ash & Co Chartered Surveyors.

Simon Williams - BBC Radio Gloucestershire producer.

DM Mark Owen via LinkedIn or Twitter, or email to enter. Tell us which Simon from the list above is missing from the wordsearch.

The first entrant drawn at random on January 4 wins a bottle of Mark's favourite tipple - Neptune Rum.

Terms and conditions apply.

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