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Wine of the week - 21 July 2017

Alegria Manzanilla Superior

This bone-dry sherry must be aged in wineries located in Sanlúcar de Barrameda Spain, as the microclimate there makes manzanilla even saltier and more pungent than fino sherry.

Tasting notes: Brilliant hues of old gold. Intensely pungent nose with a hint of the yeast layer and a note of almond. Delicate yet full-bodied, assertive while elegant. A very long finish.

Suggestions for consumption: As an aperitif at any time and a fine match for shellfish, fish and light dishes, olives and nibbles. If you like fino sherry - you will love this!

Alegria Manzanilla Superior: £5.99 (half bottle)

Broadway Wine Company: telephone 01386 852501

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