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Uncanny pet look-alikes

Dogs are renowned for learning tricks, copying our behaviour and sharing miniature versions of our food and clothes.

Shelters do their best to match pets and people together. However, some owners are extraordinarily well-suited to their pets.

1# Airedale

Credit: Twitter  

2# Black cat

Credit: Twitter 

3# Boodles

Credit: Twitter  

4# Commitment

Credit: Twitter 

5# Elegance

 Credit: Twitter 

6# Ethel

 Credit: Twitter 

7# Expert level unlocked

Credit: Twitter 

8# Blending

 Credit: Twitter 

9# Cues

 Credit: Twitter 

10# Tinker

 Credit: Twitter 

11# The look

Credit: Twitter 

12# Where does the hair end and dog begin?

 Credit: Twitter 

Do you look like your pets? Send your selfies to 

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