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Take it literally

These people got exactly what they asked for, even though it's not quite what they meant.

1# Small beer

After a huge meal (Schweinshaxe) in Berlin I asked for just a small beer. This is what the waiter brought me: from r/funny

Credit: Reddit  

2# Motivate your answer

Best one today from r/funny

Credit: Reddit 

3# Name the plant

Name this plant from r/oldpeoplefacebook

Credit: Reddit 

4# Wait for the lights

Taking traffic lights a little too seriously from r/funny

Credit: Reddit 

5# Pose for a photo

Asked my daughter to lean against the pole for a picture from r/funny

Credit: Reddit 

6# Install a changing room door

Was worried about privacy, so I asked if they could put a door up to the men's change room. Problem solved. from r/mildlyinfuriating

Credit: Reddit 

7# Toilet paper under the sink

Told my 3 and 4 yr olds to put the toilet paper under the sink... must be more specific next time from r/funny

Credit: Reddit 

8# Flattering pictures

I asked my wife to send me some underwear pictures, this is what I got in return. from r/aww

Credit: Reddit 

9# Eat half the grapes

Credit: Twitter 

10# Watch your step

Anarchist here. my uncle and I are cut from different cloth from r/FirstWorldConformists

Credit: Reddit  

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