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Supportive parents and grandparents

These parents and grandparents are super proud of their kids and grandkids.

1# College grandparent

Grandma sews together two shirts to celebrate both grandkids getting into college. from r/aww

Credit: Reddit  

2# Ring bearer

My little cousin’s birthday was on Thanksgiving and we celebrated with princess themed cupcakes that came with a plastic ring on them. My grandpa, her great-grandpa, hasn’t taken it off since. from r/aww

Credit: Reddit  

3# Caring

Credit: Twitter

4# Proud

Credit: Twitter 

5# Framed snapchat selfie

Credit: Twitter 

6# Granddog

My dad just got a Facebook account then asked me to take a pic with his "Granddog" for his profile from r/aww

Credit: Reddit 

7# University caps

Credit: Reddit 

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