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Stuck in quarantine

Unfortunate accidents are taking place during lockdown.

1# Bad haircut

Credit: Twitter  

2# Exploding printer

The printer exploded... from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit 

3# Shrunken favourite jumper

Washed my favourite jumper :( from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit  

4# Losing jobs then cars

As if Covid-19 and losing jobs wasn't bad enough, we just lost both cars to a tree. Happy Easter everyone! from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit  

5# Giving each other a fright

My 4 year old nephew about killed me last night at 2 am. He moved his child sized storm trooper into the hall next to the bathroom. from r/funny

Credit: Reddit 

6# Bad timing

My only computer dies just when the country goes into lockdown and Uni puts everything online. Also the warranty just expired last month. from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit  

7# Home disasters

A pipe broke upstairs from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit  

8# Beauty fails

Try not to sneeze when using an eyelash curler from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit  

9# Coffee

Wanted to start my day with a big coffee. The splat even has a face... from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit  

10# Office mugs arrival

When your April fools prank is to replace all the mugs in the office, but everyone works from home now... from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit  

11# Jump scare

My submission for dumbest way to injure yourself: I burnt my hand taking tomato soup out of the microwave. The toast I was making popped up and it scared me. from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit  

12# Broken shower

First day of quarantine and my shower decided to fall apart. from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit  

13# Takeaway disaster

Picked up dinner from a local restaurant...sauce leaked, bag broke, dinner said hello to the garage floor. from r/Wellthatsucks

Credit: Reddit  

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