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Strange Party Games

1. Dictionary Game

This is a great game if you ever get bored in a library, a player picks an obscure word and the other(s) try to guess the meaning.

Credit: Oxford Dictionary

2.flap the fish

Each player cuts a fish from a sheet of newspaper, line them up, and fan them across the finish line    using a rolled up newspaper or a paddle.


3. Gargle the Song

Fill a glass, sing a song. The others have to try to guess what song it is.

Credit: Youtube 

4. Sing Song Ping Pong

For this low key (off key) game there has to be 2 or more teams, team one starts with a category and a song line then the next team link their song line to the previous one and so on.

Credit: Youtube

5. squeak, piggy, squeak

A player is blindfolded. The players take their seats. Player one invites the person to 'squeak piggy squeak', and has to guess the identity of the squeaker.

Credit: Pintrest

6. Pass the Orange

Two teams stand in lines and pass an orange down the line using only their chins and necks. If the orange touches the ground, it goes back to the start.

Credit: Pintrest 

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