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Spell checked

The errors of typos.

1# Smork alam

Smork Alam from r/skamtebord

Credit: Reddit  

2# Hand soup

[Legit] Delicious hand soup from r/BoneAppleTea

Credit: Reddit  

3# Chicken nutguts

Credit: Twitter  

4# No smorking

Smorking from r/excgarated

Credit: Reddit  

5# Convenious

On a Burger King. Sorry for the what? from r/excgarated

Credit: Reddit  

6# Cloude

Cloude from r/skamtebord

Credit: Reddit  

7# Can't elope

Lonely Tennessee Melons Can’t Elope from r/BoneAppleTea

Credit: Reddit  

8# Favourite holiday

Happy Vaenitnels Day! from r/excgarated

Credit: Reddit  

9# Napkings

[Legit] Hail to the king from r/BoneAppleTea

Credit: Reddit 

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