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Shoe shopping

Are you on the lookout for a new pair of shoes? Why buy something sensible when you could own a pair of these!

How comfortable would you be walking around in a pair of these?

I wonder if the interior is real leather...

Credit: Pinterest

You've likely heard of kitten heels, but what about heels with chicken feet?

Credit: Pinterest

Beware of the converse crocs. A hybrid of converse shoes and a crocodile.

Credit: Vitamin-ha

There's a slight biblical vibe to this... (5 loaves) 2 fishes anyone?

Credit: Pinterest 

Rat slippers. Leaving them beside your bed at night, in the dark; sounds like a great idea!

Credit: Bajiroo

Watch your step.

Credit: Searching for style

How about buying a pair of these for the Joey Tribbiani of your friends?

Credit: Pinterest

Try not to twist your ankle, racing to the nearest shoe shop.

Credit: Funny stack

Always remember to tie your laces. It's almost like walking barefoot.

Credit: Freaking news 

You can find anything on the Internet now, even boxing gloves for your feet!

Credit: Funny potato

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