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Photoshop troll

James Fridman is a British graphic designer, who has become an established photoshop expert through the unique twists he puts on photoshop requests on Twitter.

He alters most photos whilst encouraging young people to appreciate their appearance without prejudice.

Credit: Bored Panda

He does his best to help, even if the request is taken in another direction.

Credit: Bored Panda

He can turn you into a hero.

Credit: Bored Panda 

Portray you as an adventurer.

Credit: Bored Panda 

He preys on other interpretations of requests, in particular to avoid vanity.

Credit: Twitter

Producing many humourous results.

Credit: Twitter 

The logic is easy to follow.

Credit: Twitter

It may not be what she intended but it does fulfill the request.

Credit: Twitter 

Complying with the most unusual requests.

Credit: Twitter

Beware of spelling errors, they can take your photo in an entirely different direction.

Credit: Bored Panda 

These editions certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

Credit: Bored Panda 

It's certainly a scary thought.

Credit: Bored Panda 

Some requests are a little off.

Credit: Twitter 

The requests are often taken far too literally;

But... they are guaranteed to be hilarious!

Credit: Bored Panda 

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