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Pets in bread

1# Inbread dog

A rare picture of an inbread dog from r/aww

Credit: Reddit  

2# Guinea pig in bread

guinea pig with bread hat from r/aww

Credit: Reddit  

3# Puppy in bread

Inbread Puppy... from r/aww

Credit: Reddit  

4# Ferret in bread

This is my ferret. She's inbread. from r/ferrets

Credit: Reddit  

5# Dog in bread

These Inbred Dogs are getting ridiculous from r/funny

Credit: Reddit  

6# Kitten bread necklace

babycat with a bread necklace from r/aww

Credit: Reddit  

7# Dogs in bread

My dogs are inbread, send thoughts and prayers from r/aww

Credit: Reddit  

8# Rabbit in bread

My rabbit is inbread from r/aww

Credit: Reddit  

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