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Passive aggressive co-workers

Post-it wars are getting more creative...

Are they funny or just plain rude?

Are you actually feeling or feigning concern for the office furniture?

Credit: Wasted Potatoes

Do your co-workers eat your food and have the audacity to judge it?

Would you prefer them to appreciate the effort you put into it or do you secretly wish it makes them ill for the inconvenience?

Credit: Pandafeed

Do they mock your errors?

Credit: Gabworthy 

If they even replace borrowed or stolen items, is it always in the way you expect?

Credit: Pandafeed

Being unable to park close to your work can set the day off to a bad start.

Credit: Bored Panda 

Using guilt to motivate you.


Must you endure innappropriate comments? Are they making you feel uncomfortable, specifically relating to personal hygiene and appearance?

Credit: Lolriot 

Responding to a polite request with the exact opposite.

Credit: Team Jimmy Joe

The neccessity of strict instruction, to avoid having your favourite show, which you have dedicated years to, spoiled in seconds.

Credit: Quotesgram

Using notes to have entire conversations and express workplace frustrations.

Credit: Team Jimmy Joe

However, not all office notes are negative and irritating. Post-its can be helpful in assisting the deliverance of important messages and some comments from your colleagues can produce a well needed chuckle on a dull day.

Credit: Daily Mail

Although, sometimes you might prefer they make your day easier by simply replacing the toilet roll. It would probably be much quicker.

Credit: Viralnova 

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