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Oversized foods

1# Blueberry apple

Apple for scale. from r/AbsoluteUnits

Credit: Reddit  

2# Onion the size of a dog's head

Of course I had to compare this onion to my dog’s head from r/AbsoluteUnits

Credit: Reddit  

3# Carrots

Credit: Twitter  

4# PotatoZilla

Credit: Twitter  

5# Asparagus spear

This asparagus spear from r/AbsoluteUnits

Credit: Reddit 

6# Strawberry

This absolute strawberry I found from r/AbsoluteUnits

Credit: Reddit 

7# Curly fry

This beast of a curly fry which was the first to come out of the bag. from r/AbsoluteUnits

Credit: Reddit 

8# Pear

This unit of a pear from r/AbsoluteUnits

Credit: Reddit 

9# Beetroot

In awe of this beetroot unit from r/AbsoluteUnits

Credit: Reddit 

10# Leek too big for the fridge

Credit: Twitter  

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