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New job

Tom, a junior accountant had recently started at a well-known firm in Cirencester.

His boss called him in and said, "Tom, I have heard from other staff that you have been complaining that the company doesn't do enough when it comes to health and safety. What would you like to see us do?"

Afraid of his new boss, but seeing his chance, Tom squared his shoulders and said, "Sir, I think we should have two paid days of safety training every month, brand new ergonomic office furniture for every employee, a fully stocked free organic dining room and also free gym membership with a health and fitness coach at our disposal."

Without blinking an eye or with any facial expression, Tom's boss said, "Tom, what would you say if I gave you everything you just asked for and threw in a 20 thousand pound monthly bonus for coming up with the idea?"

Tom gasped. "Are you joking?" he asked.

"Of course," said his boss, "Aren't you?"

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