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Misleading adverts

Incorrect and mildly frustrating signs.

1# Inaccurate representation

Credit: Reddit  

2# Distance yourself

Credit: Reddit  

3# No entry?

Credit: Reddit  

4# Mixed signals

Met them at a career fair for entry jobs and they told me they didn't care about grades or experience but they did care about "personality" and "passion" so I go to their website and this is what I find from r/recruitinghell

Credit: Reddit  

5# Dancing sandwiches

Credit: Reddit  

6# Family issues

Credit: Reddit  

7# Keep left

Credit: Reddit  

8# Opening times...

Credit: Reddit  

9# Square peg, round hole

Credit: Reddit  

10# No?

Credit: Reddit  

11# Open

Credit: Reddit  

12# 63 people in store!

Credit: Reddit  

13# Firefighter

Credit: Reddit  

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